Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Events Overview


Mobile Legends Allstar Events

Every year, millions of players all over the world look forward to the 515 Event on Mobile Legends because of the exciting events and rewards that come with it. It’s essentially one of the biggest and most anticipated gaming events in the Mobile Legends community. This year, ALLSTAR Events will be taking over 515 as Moonton’s main event, offering even more thrilling challenges and exciting rewards. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the MLBB ALLSTAR Events.

ALLSTAR Roadmap Events

The ALLSTAR Events officially kicked off with the March 22nd patch of Mobile Legends. It all started with the release of Minsitthar’s much-awaited hero revamp, along with a roadmap that serves as a preview of what’s to come in the next few weeks. The roadmap features a series of events that players can participate in as well as new skins, map, and game modes that will be introduced. Here’s a quick rundown of the ALLSTAR roadmap:


Photo courtesy of the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Twitter account

March 31st marks the first day of festivities for the ALLSTAR series of events, and it’s all about the newest set of challenges, rewards and exclusive promos for the entire Mobile Legends community:

Purify Harmonia (3/31 – 4/23)

From March 31st to April 23rd, MLBB players have a chance to win an all-new exclusive ALLSTAR skin for Rafaela called “Seraphic Selfie.” All you have to do is to play the game and complete the daily missions to earn Technotes. This is a new in-game currency that you can collect and exchange for exclusive rewards. You can get an ALLSTAR graffiti, a new “Shine! Atomic Pop!” avatar border, a spawn effect, and of course, Rafaela’s new skin.

Star Memories (03/31 – 04/30)

Who doesn’t want to get their achievements celebrated while playing MLBB, right? The Star Memories mini event awards players an exclusive Atomic Pop elimination effect just by sharing your game highlights. That’s right! Sharing your highlights will grant you a limited 30-day use of the new elimination effect to celebrate your achievements in style. So, gather your friends and start sharing your best moments in MLBB to show off your skills and get rewarded for it.

ALLSTAR Festival (4/5 – 4/20)

Want to earn free Promo Diamonds so you can buy your favourite character skins? Then the ALLSTAR Festival event is just what you need to get your hands on some shiny diamonds. All you have to do is join the event login to claim your rewards. When you log in on 4/20, you’ll be able to claim your login gift that contains up to 1111 Promo Diamonds! Promo Diamonds can be used to reduce the cost of regular diamonds when purchasing a hero or upgrading skins.

New Shop Items (4/5 – 4/25)

The MLBB Shop always has a couple of surprises in store for its players, and this time it’s no different. From April 5th to the 25th, the shop will feature some new items that will help you enhance your gaming experience. Watch out for further updates on what new items will be available in the shop during this period.

Moonlit Wish (4/15 – 5/8)

Here’s another cool new skin to look forward to during the ALLSTAR event. You’ll have the chance to get Hanabi’s “Moonlit Ninja” skin when you draw from the Moonlit Wish event from April 15th to May 8th. This stunning skin features Hanabi dressed as a ninja with a full moon in the background. Don’t miss out on the chance to add this skin to your collection!


Itzy x MLBB

Photo courtesy of the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Twitter account

We’re still at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything the ALLSTAR events have in store for the MLBB community. One of the biggest announcements is the collaboration between Moonton and the international K-pop girl group Itzy! As the official global ambassador for the ALLSTAR events, Itzy will be featured heavily in a lot of promotional materials for the game in the coming weeks. Fans can also expect a new in-game music track featuring Itzy’s signature sound and style that will surely get players hyped up for matches. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration!

ALLSTAR Wonderland + Exclusive Skins

Rafaela Skin MLBB

Photo courtesy of the official MLBB ALLSTAR webpage

There’s literally plenty of chances for players to win and get their hands on exclusive skins and items during the ALLSTAR events. To give you a taste of what’s to come, here are some of the exclusive skins you should look forward to:

  • Rafaela “Seraphic Selfie”
  • Hanabi “Moonlit Ninja”
  • Eudora “Atomic Pop”
  • Miya “Atomic Pop”

That’s four new upcoming skins that players can expect during the event, and that’s not all. You can also expect more surprises through the ALLSTAR Wonderland event. Here are some other things that players can look forward to:

  • Last Encore Limited Permanent Skin (03/31 – 04/30)
  • Elite Skin Chest (Login and Claim 04/22 – 04/24)
  • Nostalgia Event – Choose 1 Elite Skin from 4 (04/29 – 05/14)
  • Ramadan Surprise Gift (03/22 – 04/04)
  • Rafaela Exclusive Emote (03/21 – 03/31)
  • ALLSTAR Spawn Effect (03/31 – 04/23)
  • ALLSTAR Graffiti (04/01 – 04/03)
  • ALLSTAR Avatar Border (04/15 – 04/17)
  • ALLSTAR Recall Effect (04/15 – 04/17)

ALLSTAR Themed Map

It’s not every day we get to have a new themed map from Moonton, but the ALLSTAR event brings us just that! The map will be decorated with Musical Pop-like battlefield designs and will give players a fresh and exciting experience. From the turrets to the jungle and even the Lord, everything will be revamped to fit the ALLSTAR theme. Get ready to explore this new environment and show off your skills on the ALLSTAR map!

Returning Arcade Modes

Shadow Brawl MLBB

Photo courtesy of the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Twitter account

Some of your favourite Arcade game modes are set to return during the ALLSTAR event! Get ready to have fun with your friends in modes like Shadow Brawl and the fan-favourite Mayhem. These game modes will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to take advantage of them while you can!

  • Shadow Brawl (04/02 – 04/08)
  • Overdrive Mode (04/10 – 04/16)
  • Mayhem Mode (04/18 – 04/24)

Final Thoughts

The 2023 ALLSTAR Events are definitely something to look forward to for Mobile Legends players. With a variety of events and new content to keep the game fresh and exciting, it’s no wonder why so many players are eagerly anticipating its arrival. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive one, there’s something for everyone in the ALLSTAR roadmap. So mark your calendars and get ready for a thrilling experience in Mobile Legends!

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