Mobile Legends Do’s and Dont’s When Ganking


MLBB How to GankTo be on top, and to win in Mobile Legends does not only take playing with the best hero, or combo with the best build. Sometimes you must assert yourself in the game to advance and corner enemies by ganking. 

What is ganking? Is it something that players do to kill enemies or steal creeps? It may sound new to most players, but little did they know they have been doing it already. Ganking is when heroes suddenly swoop their opponents, catching them off guard and ambushing them — taking advantage of their vulnerability during lane clearing. It is one of the most important skills to master in MLBB, where the game could turn around at any minute. Ganking allows players to quickly ambush their enemies as they increase their EXP, contributing to the win.

MLBB Hero Roles Suit Best for Ganking

Players can master ganking during the game with ease; however, it’s not meant or fit for any heroes that you want to explore playing with. Ganking requires mastery and, at the same time, the right hero to successfully execute it and put yourself in a better situation than your opponents. High-damage heroes such as mages, fighters, and assassins are mostly the perfect MLBB hero roles for ganking. Aside from their abilities to deal high damage complemented by their great burst output, their skillset allows the team to advance. 

Here are the top heroes for ganking: 

  • Helcurt

Helcurt (1)Helcurt is known for his shadow work and stalking abilities when targeting his next prey. He deals with great damage, complemented by his agility and speed, making it challenging for his opponents to catch him and retaliate, even killing him. Even without enough ganking mastery, Helcurt’s gameplay is more than enough to take down enemies successfully, as he is a near-perfect killing machine.

His high burst skills and abilities allow him to eliminate opponents that are not buffed and squishy swiftly. He could easily harass enemies to prevent them from gaining EXP and getting tougher. Helcurt’s crowd-control abilities make it challenging for his opponents to escape his lethal strikes. He could block the vision of his opponents, catching them off guard with their next strategic moves. Once Helcurt casts his ultimate, opponents will not know what hit them. 

  • Ling

Ling (1)Ling is the kind of hero whose enemies have a small chance to do anything but say ‘ouch’ once he strikes. His assassination abilities are on a next level that opponents would not have a chance to predict his next move.

Ling can leap from one wall to another, and his map navigation stands out among other heroes. He could easily move from one place to another, making it easier to target opponents for ganking. What makes Ling better for this is that he can do it early in the game and advance the team while intimidating opponents.

  • Fanny

FannyJust like Ling, Fanny can do a lot when ganking opponents. Her high mobility and burst damage make her dominating and intimidating on the battlefield. She could be even more deadly when you don’t see her coming your way. Although Fanny could be perfect for ganking, know that one disadvantage with her is low durability. So a right and strategic ganking is a must. 

Fanny could easily damage her opponents as she moves from one play to another. She could swing from one place to another while draining the HP of whoever opponents would come her way. Fanny also thrives as a great jungler, making it an advantage to the team to gain more Gold and EXP.

  • Selena

Selena (1)Selena is one of the mages that fits best for ganking. Her abilities allow her to set up traps for ganking. She has serious damage and burst, along with excellent crowd control.


Selena’s high burst is what makes her lethal. Mana could be a concern to other heroes but not to Selena. Her ability in mechanics ensures that she has enough mana whenever she needs to trap and ambush enemies. She can immobilize and slow down enemies with ease.

Strategies on how to gank successfully

  1. Reading the situation first is the most vital step in terms of ganking. Access your hero first and your teammates’ Gold and EXP if they deal more than enough damage to ambush opponents. It is a must, especially when you’re facing opponents that are counter to your hero choice. You could be more powerful in terms of damage; however, their abilities could easily cancel your damage out, and instead of ambushing them, it’ll leave them ambushing you rather. 
  2. If you’re confident to do it yourself, do so. It would also benefit you and your hero as you would gain more EXP alone. However, you must ensure that no other opponents can rescue their teammate that you’re ganking on. Check the map first before going to your targeted enemy. If you can do it where your opponent is isolated from their teammates, better. 
  3. Locate your enemies, so you know if they’re nearby the turrets, jungle creeps, teammates, and so on. This is to check if they could escape from you and run toward the turret to protect themselves from your subsequent attacks or to see if an enemy is missing trying to catch you off guard and gank back on you. 
  4. Communicating with your teammates is essential to the success of your ganking execution. Bringing your teammates with you is not enough if they do not work altogether with you when you gank on your opponents. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Ganking

  1. Being too complacent that you can gank on your enemies without even checking their stats and how their team is doing during the game. 
  2. Ambushing your enemies as they are pushing their lanes against your team. It is best to defend instead of ganking on them when they’re in a better position. 
  3. Confidently preparing for ganking when the internet is unstable. 
  4. Ganking on enemies’ bases alone. 
  5. Ganking as enemies kill the Lord or destroy your team’s turret. 

Ganking seems easy, but executing it successfully several times makes it hard, especially when dealing with challenging heroes. Mastering ganking alone is not enough if you’re not even confident with the hero you are playing with. It takes confidence, trust in your hero’s abilities and your mastery, and your team, which make ganking a success.

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