League of Legends: What is the Essence Emporium?


Lol Blue Essence EmporiumOne thing I like about League of Legends is that it doesn’t hold back on indulging its player base with lavish occasional events that give tons of exciting rewards. Some even include free chroma skins, which are recolored variants of a champion’s default or obtainable skins designed to spice up gameplay. One of those lavish events is called the Essence Emporium, and in this article, we’ll go over everything about it, so don’t go anywhere!

What is the Essence Emporium?

The Essence Emporium is a recurring sale that occurs biannually. In it, League of Legends players can spend their hard-earned Blue Essence to purchase champions, chromas, emotes, and lots more. The store features different items during every run, each with varying prices. On its last run from September 6 to September 20, 2023, the store featured the following items:

  • Partner Program Chromas – 10,000 Blue Essence
  • Partner Program “But Why?” Emote – 25,000 Blue Essence
  • Regular Chromas – 2,000 Blue Essence
  • Exclusive Regional Mystery Mini Icon Box – 2,500 Blue Essence
  • Exclusive Baron Hat Poro Icon – 4,000 Blue Essence
  • Exclusive Essence Collector Ward Skin – 6,000 Blue Essence
  • Exclusive “Make It Rain” Emote – 50,000 Blue Essence
  • Exclusive “Money Bags” Emote – 75,000 Blue Essence
  • Urfwick Skin – 150,000 Blue Essence

How to obtain Blue Essence

Blue Essence is a primary currency in League of Legends, and it can be obtained through levelling up, completing missions, opening Champion Capsules, or disenchanting champion shards. Besides being used to buy items in the Essence Emporium, Blue Essence can also be used in various ways, including changing your Summoner name, purchasing additional Rune pages, and upgrading champion shards to unlock champions.


The Essence Emporium is a great way to fill up your League of Legends inventory and express your play style more freely with tons of free rewards. Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements on its future runs!

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