League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion Guide Akali


Born into a long line of deadly ninja assassins, Akali is a fierce and fearless warrior who strikes fear into her enemies’ hearts. With lightning-fast reflexes, razor-sharp blades, and a mastery of the shadows, she’s a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Whether she leaps across rooftops, disappears into the shadows, or delivers a deadly blow with her kama, Akali is always one step ahead of her foes. In Wild Rift, she’s a high-risk, high-reward champion who can turn the tide of battle with a single well-timed strike.

Hero Playstyle

To play Akali in Wild Rift, use her energy bar to your advantage, harass with Five Point Strike, and follow up with her passive. Use her mobility to engage, activate Twilight Shroud for safety, and aim to secure kills with her ultimate

How to play Akali

Akali has a unique feature: she does not have a mana pool like other champions. Instead, she relies on an energy bar that regenerates quickly. As a result, players can spam her first ability, Five Point Strike, frequently to harass their opponents or secure minion kills.

When using Five Point Strike, players should maximize Akali’s passive Assassin’s Mark for maximum damage. If that is impossible, they can use the ability to last-hit minions. Players can also use Akali’s second ability, Twilight Shroud, and third ability, Shuriken Toss, to engage in fights and force their opponents to react.

Before reaching level 5, players should use Twilight Shroud after hitting their opponents with a Shuriken Toss combo. If they can follow up with another Five Point Strike and an auto-attack, they may be able to secure a kill. At level 5, Akali’s full combo plus Ignite can often take down most champions.

Players should look to use Akali’s ultimate ability to secure kills whenever it is available. In mid-game, Akali is strongest, and players should take advantage of this to dominate their opponents.


  • Akali’s kit has powerful abilities that deal great damage and make her difficult to kill.
  • Her ultimate is effective at taking down enemy carries while allowing her to stay safe.
  • She also has several outplay tools at her disposal, such as the ability to turn invisible and two abilities that offer double-dash effects.


  • Akali has a high-skill floor, so learning to play her can be challenging, especially for beginners.
  • Playing her also involves high risk, as missing skill shots or initiating at the wrong time can lead to her downfall.
  • Additionally, she struggles in full team fights and sieges due to her low durability and vulnerability to crowd control effects.

Lane Suggestions

Akali is usually played in Baron Lane or Mid Lane because she is a mobile assassin who can roam between lanes and pick off squishy targets. Baron Lane offers her more space to move around, and escape ganks, while Mid Lane provides easy access to both top and bottom lanes, allowing her to make plays and create advantages for her team. Additionally, being in the Mid Lane allows Akali to level up faster and reach her power spikes sooner, making her a more significant threat to her opponents.

Akali’s Abilities

Akali Skills Wild Rift

Assassin’s Mark (Passive)

When an enemy champion is hit by one of Akali’s active abilities (Five Point Strike, Shuriken Flip, or Perfect Execution), a ring appears for 4 seconds. Moving through the ring grants Akali extra attack range, damage, and speed toward the champion. To make the most of this passive, players should walk out of the ring after hitting the enemy with an ability, then move back towards them to auto-attack and trigger the passive. Once the ring disappears and Akali spins her dagger, the passive is active.

Five Point Strike

Akali uses kunais to inflict magical damage and slow down enemies when hit at the farthest range. The Five Point Strike has a brief cooldown, so it can be used frequently to kill minions, bother opponents, and activate your passive. To trigger your passive, aim for striking enemies with the Five Point Strike at the maximum range, leaving you outside the passive’s circle range.

Twilight Shroud

Akali’s Twilight Shroud is her primary mechanism for outplaying her opponents and enables her to navigate the confusion of a team fight where she would otherwise be vulnerable. As soon as she deploys it, she becomes invisible and gains additional movement speed inside the shroud while also gaining energy immediately. The shroud extends over time and forms a ring. It is not recommended to activate it at the beginning of a team fight unless you are the target of a potent ability or crowd control, such as Fizz’s Chum of the Waters or Vi’s Assault and Battery.

Shuriken Flip

Akali performs a backward flip and launches a shuriken that inflicts damage and marks the target. Pressing the ability again after the shuriken hits allows you to dash toward the marked target and inflict damage. Using this ability at the appropriate moment is critical since failing to hit a target with the shuriken will leave you too far from the fight. Suppose you are unsure about hitting a target with the shuriken. In that case, you can cast the ability in reverse, causing Akali to flip towards the enemy and allowing you to engage with Five Point Strike or Perfect Execution.

Shuriken Flip is an excellent method to activate Akali’s Assassin’s Mark. You will be outside the circle when you hit an enemy and can dash in for extra damage. However, using the second component of Shuriken Flip should be done cautiously since it may result in you travelling to a dangerous area and being killed.

Perfect Execution (Ultimate)

Perfect Execution is a two-part execution ability that involves dashing. The first cast is a targeted dash that inflicts magic damage, passing through all enemies. You can only use this ability by targeting an enemy champion, which damages all enemies you pass through.

The initial part of Perfect Execution will place you behind the original position of your target and will always trigger your passive unless the enemy is against a wall.

The second part of the ability is an execution dash that inflicts magical damage. You can activate the second part of Perfect Execution by selecting a specific area, causing it to damage all enemies it passes through. Depending on the enemy’s missing health, your damage may increase to three times the average amount.

Although it can be used to escape, it is not recommended because of its long cooldown.

Item Build

Akali Build Wild Rift

This standard build of Akali focuses on increasing her burst damage as much as possible.

  • Infinity Orb
  • Riftmaker
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Lich Bane
  • Void Staff
  • Stasis Enchant 


In conclusion, Akali is a formidable ninja warrior with the skills and abilities to dominate any battlefield. Her lightning-fast reflexes, razor-sharp blades, and mastery of the shadows make her a force to be reckoned with. Whether she’s leaping across rooftops or delivering a deadly blow, her enemies are always one step behind. If you’re looking for a high-risk, high-reward champion in Wild Rift, Akali is a perfect choice. So why wait? Embrace your inner ninja and join Akali in the battle for glory! 

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