What type of PUBG gamer are you?



Do you hide from combat and your friends roast you for it? Or do they rely on you to lead them into battle to get that coveted chicken dinner? No matter what your playstyle is, chances are you probably fall into one of these categories.

In this post, we list down four player types as a way to explain the PUBG player base as a whole. The huge difference in styles creates a form of unpredictability and makes for a fun dynamic in PUBG.

The Captain

You are the squad leader. Not exactly the Captain America type with super soldier abilities. Your strength lies in making the important decisions in the game. You focus more on the tactical side of things. Honestly speaking, you may not be the best or the standout from the team, but your selflessness spell the good difference.

The funny thing about the Captain types is that they seem to focus more on looking at the map rather than the game itself. From there, they will likely call the shots on where to go or not to go. Captains seem to have a vast understanding of the game to be able to make the most crucial decisions. If you team up with this kind of player, trust in his instincts will be the key.

The Fragger

Ah, this one’s the aggressive type. He usually spearheads the gunfight, may it be on short and medium-distance combat. Expect the fragger to lead the charge and kick his way inside buildings. He is hungry for kills, or should we say greedy to be frank. Give him the benefit of the doubt that he can manage to survive a hail of bullets when adrenaline hits. Or stay alive when the first circle comes in.

The fragger does not take long to decide while looting for a gun as he is always itching for action. You can help this kind of player by giving him the first assault rifle and essential attachments like a scope and compensator. You can also do him a favor by giving him the best bulletproof vest available. Trust us, it will help you and your team in raiding buildings more effectively. He has the best skills among the team, kills more enemies than others and the team will basically support him on that. Trust the process, or better yet, trust the fragger.


The Support

Mr. Support is a hustler in terms of arms dealing/handling. Consider him your team’s version of the Merchant in Resident Evil; he carries all sorts of gears to keep you safe (healing items) and firing (ammo, grenades, etc.)  on all cylinders.

Don’t be surprised if your support carries more than 10 bandages with him. He just wants to keep everyone alive. Apart from handling the survival kits, the support also makes one of the ultimate sacrifices in the game… Obviously, not with his life but with space inside his bag. Dedication flows in his veins to see to it that the team has extra ammo and medicine to use especially after critical gunfights. Are you that unstrung hero too?

The Scout

When you need reconnaissance, you call the Scout. It’s as if he can predict the movement of enemies or where they are hiding. “Hey Cap, let me check this area! I think I heard a bump!”. He mightily goes first to check if the coast is clear, if there’s someone lurking in the area, hiding in the building, or playing camouflage by the bushes.

The scout moves in advance of the whole team to inspect the terrain. His main goal is to warn the team of enemy presence. To take full advantage of your scout, make sure he does not get spotted by enemies. Be warned though, one of the scout’s notable weakness is that he usually gets killed first. Ironic.

Do you belong in any of these PUBG gamer types? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to top up on your UC for PUBG Mobile only on Codashop.  We offer easier and faster top-ups with no logins or passwords required.