VALORANT Spline Collection: Galactic guns with weird curves and alien vibes


VALORANT Spline Collection

Riot Games seems dead serious in going interstellar with its recent weapon skin releases. The new one is no exception as the Spline is screaming of alien ware, design-wise. A bit reminiscent of the weapons Agents J and K used to bust space monsters in MIB but with darker color schematics, shiny glow effects and more bends than lines.

In terms of aesthetics, the guns are crafted with dark, metallic curves to sport a strong sci-fi vibe. The weapons come in different, upgradeable versions in case you want a splash of bright colors apart from the sleek black. Space enthusiasts might get another win for this round.

Price and Inclusions

The Spline weapon skins include Classic, Spectre, Phantom, Operator and Knife. They have 4 versions available and are upgradeable using Radianite Points (excluding the Knife). Each skin costs 1775 VALORANT Points, while the melee weapon has a 3550 VP tag. Players can also purchase the Spline Bundle at a more affordable price of 7,100VP. Other Spline-themed items like the player card, spray and gunbuddy are available for individual purchase (*comes free with the bundle).

How to buy the Spline Collection?

To buy the new Spline skin collection, you need to go to the in-game store from the main menu. From there, select the item you wish to purchase, either individually or as a bundle. Take note that you need to have enough VALORANT Points (VP) to acquire them.

Split or spend

Will you cash in on this otherworldly collection? The look and feel are pretty extreme, given the fusion of sci-fi and gothic. If you’re the type who is not easily distracted with a weird looking gun and hoarding is your thing, include this on your checklist. However, take note that this set does not come with a Finisher effect, a VFX update or an animation upgrade. Some players might crave for more.

Overall, the alien weapon aspect is a standout on its own. It goes in parallel with the design team’s effort of breaking boundaries to deliver creative variety.

What do you think of this set? Is it awesome or a bit over the top? Share your thoughts with us. Don’t forget to top up your VALORANT Points only at Codashop. It’s #BetterFasterSafer and more convenient with plenty of payment options to choose from.