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As far as VALORANT agents go, Reyna is perhaps the most mysterious and unpredictable. She can be a great pick for aggressive players who are looking to take control of the situation and quickly turn the tide of a fight. She’s a fast-paced agent with a wide range of abilities that give her a unique edge in battle. Let’s take a deep dive into Reyna’s backstory and abilities, so you can become the best Reyna main out there!

Reyna’s Backstory

Reyna Contract Valorant

Reyna is the 4th Duelist introduced in VALORANT and the 11th agent to be recruited in VALORANT. Her past is pretty much shrouded in mystery aside from a few details about her and her sister. Born Zyanya Mondragón, Reyna is a Mexican agent who joined the VALORANT PROTOCOL to find a way to keep her little sister alive, who is currently in a critical state due to unknown reasons. Reyna and her sister are Radiants, which are people with special powers that range from bioelectricity to bending the fabric of reality. In Reyna’s case, she is able to harvest the souls of her victims and use them in conjunction with her abilities. Not much is known about the full extent of Reyna’s powers, but she is known to regenerate her health, enhance her senses and powers, and even become temporarily invulnerable.

Abilities and Kit

Reyna is considered a Duelist, which are agents who are always the first to enter bomb sites and engage the enemies. Duelists are mainly self-sufficient fraggers who can go in and out of fights without relying too much on their teammates. They can initiate map control and have very high sustainability in battle. Reyna fits this description very well due to her unique set of skills. Every time she kills an enemy, a soul orb drops, which she can absorb and use to her advantage. Let’s look at all of her abilities and break them down one by one.

Leer (C)

Reyna Leer Valorant

Using her Radiant powers, Reyna equips an ethereal eye that she can plant anywhere in front of her for a short distance. The eye is capable of invoking NEARSIGHT to all enemies that look at it, which basically reduces the enemy’s vision to only a few steps in front of them. This is a great ability to help Reyna take control of the map and create openings for her team to gain an advantage. Just be careful where you put the eye since enemies can easily shoot and destroy them.

Devour (Q)

Reyna uses her Radiant powers to consume a soul orb from a fallen enemy, providing her with health regeneration for a short duration. The orb is instantly consumed upon activating the skill. However, Any health gained through Devour that exceeds 100 will decay over time. This ability is great for Reyna to sustain herself in fights and keep her health topped up.

Dismiss (E)

If Devour is focused on healing Reyna and regaining her lost health, Dismiss protects Reyna from being damaged. The skill instantly consumes a soul orb, granting Reyna partial invisibility and invulnerability. In her incorporeal form, Reyna also gains bonus movement speed, but she can’t use any of her abilities nor draw her weapons for the duration of the skill. This is quite a handy ability, but you should be careful when to activate it, so Reyna isn’t vulnerable to any surprise attacks.

Reyna Empress Valorant

Empress (X)

Reyna’s ultimate ability, Empress, puts her into a savage frenzy state, making her an unstoppable force of destruction. When activated, she gets a huge boost in reload speed, fire rate, and weapon swap speed. She also improves her vision, highlighting enemies and making them easier to see and target. When Empress is active, her Devour skill automatically triggers without consuming a soul orb. Whenever Reyna secures any kills, the duration of her ultimate also resets, making it a very powerful tool for dominating the battlefield. This is an ability you should definitely keep an eye out for when engaging multiple enemies.

Best and Worst Time to Pick Reyna

The best time to pick Reyna is when you need to take control of a situation and turn the tide of a fight. Her kit is designed to help her survive and secure kills, making her an excellent pick for aggressive players. Her ultimate, Empress, is especially useful when you need to quickly turn a fight around in your favour. If your team has a good set of players with defensive skills, then Reyna can be a great pick for taking control of the map and pushing forward. If you’re confident in one-on-one fights and you don’t easily panic in front of enemies, then your team can rely on Reyna to take out enemies quickly.

On the other hand, Reyna should be avoided when your team needs a more defensive or supportive role. Her kit is designed to help her secure kills and gain an advantage in a fight, so she won’t be able to provide the same kind of support as other characters. Due to her amazing sustainability, she can be quite a selfish character at times and won’t contribute much to the team if she’s not getting kills. Additionally, Reyna’s ultimate skill can be difficult to control and may cause her to overextend or get caught out of position, which can be a liability for your team. So, if your team is looking for someone to provide more team-oriented abilities, then it’s best to look elsewhere.

Best Maps for Reyna

Reyna Leer Valorant

Reyna is best on maps with really tight corridors. She excels in maps that allow her to be aggressive and pick off enemies quickly. Maps like Split and Bind are great for Reyna, as they give her ample opportunity to get kills and secure objectives. The tight corridors of Bind can be especially useful for Reyna, as she can easily pick off enemies that are trying to flank her team. 

Fracture is also a great map for Reyna, as it allows her to take control of the middle and secure kills quickly. This is a zipline-heavy map, and agents can be quite vulnerable while using them. However, Reyna can use Dismiss to protect herself from enemies while ziplining, and then use her kit to pick off enemies quickly.

The world of VALORANT is full of experienced players, but if you commit to mastering Reyna, you’ll be able to hold your own in the arena. Open up your mind and give her abilities a try. She’s a lethal and versatile agent with plenty of tricks up her sleeve, and you’ll have an amazing time unlocking her full potential. With the help of this Agent Guide, you’ll now be able to dominate the battlefield with Reyna and make your opponents quiver in fear.

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