Call Of Duty: Mobile Ranking System Explained


Call Of Duty: Mobile (CODM) features an extensive ranking system in both its traditional Multiplayer (MP) mode and its Battle Royale (BR) mode. By reaching specific ranks, players can gain rewards. This article will look at how the ranking system works for both MP and BR modes in CODM.

How to Unlock Ranked Mode

To unlock Ranked Mode in Call of Duty: Mobile, you must reach account level 7 by accomplishing missions and tasks to gain experience points (XP). You must play some games to unlock Ranked Mode for both MP and BR modes.

Ranked Mode – Multiplayer and Battle Royale

The Multiplayer Ranked mode is a feature implemented in CODM that takes its root from Call Of Duty: Black Ops II from 2012. For reference, Ranked mode was absent in the original Modern Warfare iterations (2007 – 2011), which I am familiar with. The Battle Royale Ranked mode follows suit from games that are primarily BR games and, as such, has a similar ranking system.

For this Mobile version of Ranked mode, there are seven ranks from Rookie to Legendary. Ranks from Rookie to Grand Master have five tiers, with V (5) being the highest tier within the rank, depending on the points accumulated during matches. So, a Rookie V is higher in rank than a Rookie III.

Legendary rank has two tiers separated by the player’s place among the top players. The highest Legendary rank can be reached if you are within the Top 5000 players in the server, while the first Legendary rank can be reached at 8001 points. The difference between the two Legendary ranks is purely cosmetic, with a special badge and special effects upon reaching the Top 5000 players. 

Here is a list of the ranks and points needed to reach them

Rank Required Points
Rookie I 1 – 200
Rookie II 201 – 400
Rookie III 401 – 600
Rookie IV 601 – 800
Rookie V 801 – 1000
Veteran I 1001 – 1200
Veteran II 1201 – 1400
Veteran III 1401 – 1600
Veteran IV 1601 – 1800
Veteran V 1801 – 2000
Elite I 2001 – 2200
Elite II 2201 – 2400
Elite III 2401 – 2600
Elite IV 2601 – 2800
Elite V 2801 – 3000
Pro I 3001 – 3300
Pro II 3301 – 3600
Pro III 3601 – 3900
Pro IV 3901 – 4200
Pro V 4201 – 4500
Master I 4501 – 4800
Master II 4801 – 5100
Master III 5101 – 5400
Master IV 5401 – 5700
Master V 5701 – 6000
Grand Master I 6001 – 6400
Grand Master II 6401 – 6800
Grand Master III 6801 – 7200
Grand Master IV 7201 – 7600
Grand Master V 7601 – 8000
Legendary  8001+
Legendary (Top 5000) Top 5000

Ranked Mode – Rewards

Every rank, except for Rookie I, has a corresponding reward that varies every season. From weapon skins to item crates and a special banner upon reaching Legendary (Top 5000), the Ranked experience rewards players who grind to rank up. However, you are rewarded with Creds and weapon XP cards upon rank reset.

For Battle Royale mode, the rewards are specific to Battle Royale items such as Wingsuit skins, tank skins, and weapon skins. There may also be season-specific rewards like Lunar New Year banners and sprays (as of this writing).

Ranked Mode – Rank Reset

Rank reset is standard in multiplayer games. CODM also features this, and the gap between the rank you reached and the rank after reset is relatively big.

Despite this, the gap won’t be a hindrance if you’re mainly playing for rank.

The following is a table of the rank reset

Rank Reached Rank Resets To
Legendary/Grand Master/Master Pro I
Pro V Veteran V
Pro III – IV Veteran IV
Pro I – II Veteran III
Elite IV – V Veteran II
Elite II – III Veteran I
Veteran V – Elite I Rookie V
Veteran III – IV Rookie III
Veteran I – II Rookie II
Rookie I – V Rookie I


Ranked Season Duration

As of this writing, the current ranked season started on January 19 and will likely end around March 29. This will give players enough time to grind the Battle Pass and reach their desired rank. After the aforementioned date, ranks will reset, and a new season will be introduced.


While Call Of Duty: Mobile features a good Ranked mode, the way to the top will be challenging and rewarding. The rank reset is also unforgiving. But, the most important part of playing Ranked mode is learning from other players and continuously adapting to various situations. Good luck out there.

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