VALORANT’s Breathtaking New Map: The Sunset Experience


VALORANT---New-Map-SunsetVALORANT’s new map, Sunset, was released in Patch 7.04, just after the VALORANT Champions Tour Grand Finals. It features a twist on the traditional two sites + three lanes formula by incorporating previous map design concepts from other maps in VALORANT. In this article, we’ll look at the new map and give our in-depth guide including suggested agents to play per role.

What is Sunset?

In VALORANT lore, Sunset is based in Los Angeles, California. This means that it’s set in Gekko’s hometown just after the Kingdom incident. This also explains part of Kingdom’s research on the strange creatures that appeared in the aftermath of the Kingdom incident.

Sunset Map Features

Sunset features a two-site plus three lanes to play on. This layout is similar to Split, Ascent, Icebox, and Breeze. However, the map is relatively small which makes for fast-paced rounds and interesting strategies.

Map Layout

A Lobby

A Lobby is to the right of the Attacker’s Spawn and has a route going to Mid through Mid Tiles. 

A Main

This is where the early action happens. It is one of the main chokepoints in the game. Attackers should be cautious going to this area, which will be explained later in this article.

A Elbow

This section links the right side of A Main (Attackers POV) and A Site. It has a long sightline that can be advantageous for sniper players.

A Site

This section is where Attackers plant the Spike. It can be accessed from A Link, A Elbow, and A Alley.

A Link

This part of the map connects three pathways – A Alley, A Main, and Mid Top – leading to A Site.

A Alley

Main pathway for Defenders to A Link and A Site.

Mid Bottom

This section is near the Attacker’s Spawn and can be accessed near B Lobby, similar to how Ascent’s Mid Bottom is near A Lobby. This part of the map is symmetrical to Mid Top with almost the same hiding angles which makes for an interesting long-range duel.

Mid Courtyard

Similar to Ascent, Mid Courtyard connects four major access points in the map: Mid Bottom, Mid Top, A Lobby (from Mid Tiles), and B Market.

Mid Top

The opposite side of Mid Bottom. Unlike Mid Bottom, Mid Top can be accessed from Defender’s Spawn immediately through the two pathways connecting the Spawn to B Boba and A Alley.

Mid Tiles

Mid Tiles gives access to A Lobby through Mid Courtyard or Mid Bottom. This may be a good spot to catch rotating/flanking enemies.

B Boba

This section is immediately accessed by Defenders from the right side (Defender’s POV) of the map. Path branches to B Site and B Market.

B Market

Similar to Ascent, B Market connects Mid Top, B Site, and B Boba. A crucial taking point to gain map control and for retakes. Features a breakable door.

B Lobby

Connects Attacker’s Spawn and Mid Bottom.

B Main

Another chokepoint with sightline similar to Ascent’s B Main and Split’s B Garage.

Tips on Sunset

Here are five tips to gain tactical advantage on Sunset

  • Gain early advantage as Attackers. Sunset, in its current form, is advantageous for Defenders since they can peek early and position in off-angles. This will be a big task for Attackers since the main chokepoints (A Main, B Main, and Mid Bottom) can be held by Defenders early in the round. Knowing how to gain early advantage like knowing how their enemy Duelist positions every start of the round, where the Sentinel places their utilities, and how the Initiator gathers info will break the Defenders’ momentum.
  • Mid control will prove to be essential. Similar to Ascent, having Mid control can be advantageous for both teams.
  • Controllers are important! I can not stress this point enough. While the map is new and the VALORANT meta always changes, this map may be a return to the old way of playing VALORANT: with Controllers having the most important role of covering areas to attack and defend.
  • Use the B Market door effectively. The door on B Market can be a distraction for teams. Since this is the only breakable door in Sunset, one of  the creative ways to use this door is to close it early and have two Defenders on Mid Top forming a 2-2-1 setup: 2 players holding A, 2 players holding Mid, and 1 player (Sentinel, for great impact) holding B. The Mid Attacker can either break the door or lurk up to a firing squad.
  • Plant in open spaces. While it’s tempting to plant in safe areas in any map, Sunset features a challenge to Attackers in post-plant situations. One is that the safe plants are not wall-bang friendly, except for the Radianite box stack in A Site. To plant in an open space, secure the area first. This makes Sunset a “return-to-roots” map that encourages coordinated plan of action and the oft-forgotten tactic of securing the map by holding potential entry points.

Best Agents to Use on Sunset

As of this writing, these Agents are the meta for Sunset.

Initiator – Sova

Sova’s value in Sunset is having a steady supply of Recon Dart in unexpected places. Since the map is relatively small, his Hunter’s Fury ultimate will have a lot of value as well.

Duelist – Jett or Raze

Having vertical movement is an advantage in this map. This makes Jett and Raze the best Duelist pick(s) for this map. As mentioned, some chokepoints like A Main can be fatal for Attackers since a Defending Jett can position on top of the boxes with an Operator and get some free frags.

Controller – Omen or Astra

For best results for the Controller role, picking Astra or Omen who have rechargeable smokes will benefit the team.

Sentinel – Killjoy or Cypher

Killjoy and Cypher’s utilities have the most impact in their role. Having Cypher as a solo Sentinel paired with Omen gives a lot of room for Defenders to work with rotations and catching flankers. Killjoy is more passive here but can stall aggressive site pushes. A player specializing in the Sentinel role will have a good time in this map since they can be unpredictable in their setups.

Sunset is a fun map to play. With its “return-to-roots” approach by incorporating map design elements from similar maps, the Sunset experience will give players a fresh perspective on VALORANT’s map design. Utilize strategies and pick out the best Agents for this map for maximum enjoyment and let us know what you think about this map.

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