Until July 15: Get P20 Coins Cashback on Mobile Legends Diamonds


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Event Time: July 8 – August 8

Reward Rules:

There are 4 parts of tasks in this event. Completing every part of tasks grants the corresponding rewards. More tasks completed, more rewards got. Details:

1. Share to get rewards: Invite 3 friends to assist you to get S.T.U.N. Skin Trial Card *1 (Each player can assist 2 players only).

2. Recharge for the first time to get rewards: During the event, recharge over 50 Diamonds (at one time) for the first time to get an extra 50 Diamonds.

3. Limited-time recharge rewards: From July 8 to 15, recharge a total of 100 Diamonds to get Magic Wheel Potion S *1;
From July 16 to 23, recharge a total of 300 Diamonds to get Galactic Ticket *2;
From July 24 to 30, recharge a total of 250 Diamonds to get Magic Wheel Potion S *2;
From July 31 to August 8, recharge a total of 500 Diamonds to get Galactic Ticket *1;
Complete all 4 parts of tasks above to get an extra permanent Elite skin.

4. Accumulative recharge reward: During the event, recharge a total of 15000 Diamonds to get a permanent Epic skin.

1. Only recharging through the authorized channels boosts your task progresses. Tap the “Available Channels” button to check more;
2. Only the Diamond amounts on the recharge page will be counted, the extra Diamonds you get won’t.


Recharge ML Diamonds and get extra Diamonds, free Epic skin, AND P20 cashback! Just buy 100 Diamonds or more on Codashop and pay with your ID & Selfie Verified  Coins Wallet. Minimum purchase of ₱100. Promo period is July 8 – 15, 2021.


  1. Promo period is July 8 – 15, 2021.
  2. Customer’s Coins.ph account must be ID and Selfie verified before availing of the promo.
  3. Customers receive a ₱20 cashback when they buy Mobile Legends Diamonds on Codashop and use their Coins Wallet as their payment method.
  4. Minimum purchase of ₱100 is required to avail of the promotion.
  5. Customers may avail of the promo only once.
  6. While purchasing the Mobile Legends Diamonds on the Codashop website, customers must enter the same email address connected to their Coins.ph account to be able to receive the cashback.
  7. Customers must have a valid and active email address connected to their Coins.ph account to be eligible for the promotion.
  8. Customer’s purchase must be processed successfully during the promo period to receive the extra cashback.
  9. In case of multiple purchases during the promo period, cashback is applied to the first purchase that is processed successfully.
  10. Cashback is credited to the customer’s Coins PHP Wallet within 3 business days after the purchase has been successfully processed and settled.
  11. Maximum of one Coins.ph account per individual.
  12. Unsuccessful purchases that cannot be processed will have the payment amount refunded to the customer’s PHP wallet and will not be eligible for the promotion.
  13. Coins.ph reserves the right to stop crediting of rewards for suspicion of fraudulent transactions, incorrect customer data, or promo abuse.

Per DTI – FTEB Permit No. 122979 Series of 2021