MLBB Valentina Guide: Best build, items and 10 cool ultimates to copy


Check out the best build, emblem, and tips for Mobile Legends’ most-intriguing mage.

Valentina, one of the most-awaited heroes in Mobile Legends, has finally arrived in the Land of Dawn after a slight hiccup during her launch week. There has been an enormous buzz about this new mage as she can copy any skin she wants and her enemies’ ultimate skill. Do you want Harith’s expensive Lightborn or get Gusion’s rare Cosmic Gleam skin? How about transforming into a dragon or a tank complete with an Optimus Prime skin? Say no more, fam, as Valentina makes all of these possible!

Valentina, the copycat!

Valentina, the copycat!

Mage users will have a field day with Valentina, Prophetess of the Night. There are endless possibilities as this shadow predator can siphon the ultimate abilities of enemies and inherit their basic attack types (like melee or physical). After casting the enemy’s Ultimate, Valentina also changes into her enemy’s hero form. This feature allows Valentina to adjust her role on the battlefield quickly. We can’t help but say, who needs skins when you got Valentina around?

How to win in MLBB using Valentina

Top 10 Most interesting Ultimates to copy

With Valentina, you can be whoever you want! We tried out her ultimate, and these are our favorites:

Valentina Abilities

  • Wanwan’s Crossbow Tang for instant immunity.
  • Franco’s Bloody Hunt to surprise-suppress a target.
  • Chou’s The Way of Dragon to deliver a killer kick.
  • Aldous’ Contract: Chase Fate to seek a target from anywhere on the map.
  • Hayabusa’s Shadow Kill to play hide and seek.
  • Argus’ Eternal Evil to last longer in team fights.
  • Bane’s Deadly Catch to destroy turrets.
  • Angela’s Heartguard to instantly protect a teammate.
  • Yve’s Real World Manipulation for crowd control.
  • Johnson’s Rapid Touchdown to stun enemies and an instant ride!

Valentina Skills / Abilities

Primal Force
Valentina gains 30 EXP each time she deals damage to an enemy hero. Cooldown: 2s. If the enemy hero’s level isn’t higher than Valentina’s, 60% of the damage dealt will be converted into her HP.  
Shadow Strike

Valentina launches a Shadow Strike on a fan-shaped area ahead, dealing 320 (+170% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 1s. Also applies a Shadow Sigil that lasts 4s to enemy heroes hit. Marked enemies that are hit by Shadow Strike again will be terrified for 0.7s.

Arcane Shade
Valentina fires 3 Shadow Bolts to the nearest enemy (prioritizes enemy hero) and dashes forward, each Shadow Bolts 125 (+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Valentina can cast this skill again within 6s (costs Mana). Each time a Shadow Bolts hits an enemy hero, the cooldown of Shadow Strike.png Shadow Strike is reduced by 1s.
I Am You
Valentina siphons the power of a designated enemy hero and slows them by 70% for 0.5s. The siphoned power allows Valentina to cast the enemy’s Ultimate within the next 20s. After casting the enemy’s Ultimate, Valentina will turn into the enemy hero’s form and inherit their Basic Attack type for up to 12 seconds (regular skills remain unchanged unless the enemy’s Ultimate has Morph effect). Valentina can turn back to her original form early. This skill has no effect on enemy Valentina. The stolen Ultimate’s level is determined by Valentina’s own Ultimate. If the enemy hero is a Physical Damage hero, Valentina will gain (+100% Total Magic Power) extra Physical Attack within the duration.

Valentina Play Style


Burst | Reap

Mid Lane

Skill Effects

Best lane for Valentina

Take Valentina to the Mid Lane to clear lanes and to help back up teammates.

Best lane for Valentina

Valentina Skill Update Order

When using Valentina, unlock her Skill 1 first then followed by Skill 2. Unlock her Ultimate when you reach Level 4. Since her Skill 1 reduces cooldown, max it first, then go for Skill 2 upgrade. Upgrade I Am You when available.

A good skill combo to use in battle is 1-2-1-2-1. Incorporate Basic Attacks in between to deal more significant damage.

Best Battle Spell for Valentina

Use Flameshot as the primary Battle Spell for Valentina. It helps her to secure kills and is helpful in defense by knocking back enemies.

Best Emblem Set for Valentina

Go for Magic Emblem set for Valentina. Allot points on Agility and Observation. Choose Magic Worship in Tier 3 to deal extra magic damage.

Best Emblem Set for Valentina

Best Item Build for Valentina

Your item build for Valentina will depend on your enemy’s team composition. Her core items can include Clock of Destiny, Lightning Truncheon, and Holy Crystal.

Best Item Build for Valentina

  • Magic Shoes for movement speed and CD reduction.
  • Clock of Destiny for extra HP and Mana.
  • Lightning Truncheon for extra Magic Power and CD reduction.
  • Holy Crystal to get +100 Magic Power.
  • Divine Glaive for additional Magic Power.
  • Winter Truncheon for defense purposes.

Hero counters for Valentina

Valentina may have difficulty going up against agile assassins and fighters. The following heroes can be a good counter for this unpredictable mage.

  • Saber
  • Hayabusa
  • Phoveus
  • Dyrroth

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