MLBB Valentina Hero Guide: Best Build and Gameplay


Valentina, the copycat!

Mage users have always loved Valentina, Prophetess of the Night, because of her burst/reap skills and ability to mimic her enemies, making her one of the most challenging heroes to fight. She can easily adjust to any gameplay with her deceiving and mysterious magic. Who knows what would be her next move? Here are the best strategies, item builds, and more on how Valentina can take down enemies perfectly and with ease.

How to win in MLBB using Valentina

Valentina Skills / Abilities

Primal Force

Valentina gains 8-50 extra EXP as she deals damage to an enemy hero. If Valentina ranks higher than the enemy target, the 30% damage dealt is coveted into her HP—Cooldown for 2s.

Shadow Strike

Valentina’s shadow strike deals with 340 (185% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage as it enemies and slows them down by 40% for 1s. Enemies hit will be marked with Shadow Sigil for 4s and terrified for another 1s when Valentina casts a Shadow Strike again on them. 

Arcane Shade

Valentina dashes in a targeted direction as she fires 3 Shadow Bolts at nearby enemies, dealing with 125 (+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage each. 

I Am You

I Am You

Valentina’s targeted enemy slows down by 70% for 0.5s as she gains the ability to cast their Ultimate. She copies and morphs herself into the form of her enemy as she inherits their Basic Attack type for up to 12s. She gains (100% Total Magic Power) an extra Physical Attack for a given duration if an enemy deals Physical Damage. 

Valentina Play Style


Burst | Reap

Mid Lane

Skill Effects

Best Battle Spell for Valentina


  • For added mobility and to dash onto enemies for assault. 


  • Deals with 400 (+100% Total Magic Power) up to 640(+160% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies targeted as it slows them down by 60% by 2s.

Best Emblem Set for Valentina

Valentina mainly deals with Magic Damage and Power. It is best to use Mage Emblem when playing with her.

  • + 3 points on Agility, increasing her Movement Speed by 6%.
  • + 3 points on Observation, increasing Magic PEN by 6.

Best Item Build for Valentina

Valentina’s abilities demand high magic power and damage, allowing her to cast her skills and mimic her enemies without forsaking her vulnerability from unforeseen ambushes and clashes. She should focus on mobility, increased magic power, and cooldown reduction. This allows her to escape death, chase enemies if needed, and burst a tremendous amount of damage anytime. 

  • Enchanted Talisman

    • +50 Magic Power
    • +250 HP
    • +20% Cooldown Reduction

    Magic Shoes

    • +40 Movement Speed
    • +10% Cooldown Reduction

    Clock of Destiny

    • +60 Magic Power
    • +625 HP
    • +600 Mana

    Concentrated Energy

    • +70 Magic Power
    • +700 HP

    Holy Crystal

    • +100 Magic Power

    Blood Wings

    • +175 Magic Power
    • +500 HP

    Late-game Build

    Winter Truncheon

    • +60 Magic Power
    • +25 Physical Defense
    • +400 HP 


    • +800 HP
    • +20 Physical Defense

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