The Best Junglers of League of Legends: Wild Rift in 2021


Best Junglers - Wild Rift

Different champions have different sets of strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. Choosing the right champion is crucial and knowledge of each role will help summoners understand what they need to do during battle. In this post, we’ll turn the spotlight to some of the elite jungle champions that you can pick on the latest Summoner’s Rift.

The List of Best Junglers of Wild Rift

Junglers in Wild Rift are responsible for securing a wide range of objectives for the team. Other than farming neutral camps & securing team buffs, they are also responsible for setting up gank opportunities, competing for map vision, and efficiently reacting to the enemy jungler’s actions.

Due to the very dynamic nature of this role, champions with versatile skillsets best fit the requirements. Let’s get started on the first champion on our list.

Amumu: Tank (Cost: 725 Wild Cores)


Amumu, the Sad Mummy, banners the list as one of the best junglers in the game. Don’t be as surprised as Surprise Party Amumu as this champion is quite a durable tank considering his frame. He can absorb a lot of damage during team fights while simultaneously dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. He has excellent crowd control skills and his performance in extended fights even in late game is impressive. Never underestimate this emo champion as he is one of the most dominant junglers in the game. Pick him when your focus is durability & crowd control.


(Passive) Cursed Touch
Amumu’s basic attacks Curse his enemies, causing them to take bonus true damage from incoming magic damage.

(Skill 1) Bandage Toss
Amumu tosses a sticky bandage at a target, stunning and damaging the target while he pulls himself to them.

(Skill 2) Despair
Overcome by anguish, nearby enemies lose a percentage of their maximum Health each second and have their Curses refreshed.

(Skill 3) Tantrum
Permanently reduces the physical damage Amumu would take. Amumu can unleash his rage, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Each time Amumu is hit, the cooldown on Tantrum is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

(Ultimate) Curse of the Sad Mummy
Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units in bandages, applying his Curse, damaging them and rendering them unable to attack or move.


Get boots in early game for extra movement speed. You can also place a ward giving vision to the enemy jungle buff and attempt a steal if the area is clear. Once you’ve built at least 2 of your main items, you can have more confidence in team fights. Remember to utilize your ultimate when multiple enemies are in your AOE range. Capitalize on Despair during late game ganking.

Lee Sin: Assassin/Fighter (Cost: 725 Wild Cores)

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a formidable melee fighter/assassin. What makes this champion stand out is the balance between his mobility, crowd control & damaging skills. He can easily close distances to assassinate enemies or dash away to safety when needed, while you can also utilize Dragon’s Rage to finish the kill, create an awesome play, or even to disengage.  If you can master the timing and landing his skill shots, you will be a big threat among your enemies. As one of Wild Rift’s top junglers, he is one of the most picked in the game.


(Passive) Flurry

After Lee Sin uses an ability, his next 2 basic attacks gain Attack Speed and return Energy.

(Skill 1) Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
Sonic Wave: Lee Sin projects a discordant wave of sound to locate his enemies, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it encounters. If Sonic Wave hits, Lee Sin can cast Resonating Strike for the next 3 seconds. Resonating Strike: Lee Sin dashes to the enemy hit by Sonic Wave, dealing physical damage based on the target’s missing Health.

(Skill 2) Safeguard
Lee Sin rushes to target position, shielding himself from damage if an enemy champion or monster is near the landing point. After using Safeguard, Lee Sin can cast Iron Will for the next few seconds. Iron Will: Lee Sin’s next attack deals bonus magic damage and has omnivamp.

(Skill 3) Tempest/Cripple
Tempest: Lee Sin smashes the ground, sending out a shockwave that deals magic damage and reveals enemy units hit. If Tempest hits an enemy, Lee Sin can cast cripple for the next 3 seconds. Cripple: Lee Sin cripples nearby enemies damaged by Tempest, reducing their Movement Speed for 4 seconds. Movement Speed recovers gradually over the duration.

(Ultimate) Dragon’s Rage
Lee Sin performs a powerful roundhouse kick launching his target back, dealing physical damage to the target and any enemies they collide with. Enemies the target collides with are knocked into the air for a short duration.


Lee Sin is an early game stalwart and with his third skill, he can deal damage to multiple enemies at once and then cripple/disable targets right after. Start ganking as soon as you’ve gathered red and blue buffs. If you pair his ultimate with his other skills, you can easily overwhelm an enemy, isolate a target during clashes and go for a total knockdown. A word of caution though, use Dragon’s Rage carefully so it won’t turn to your enemy’s advantage.

Xin Zhao: Fighter (Cost: 725 Wild Cores)

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is the ideal jungle champion to use if you want to play simple skillsets yet are devastating. He is a solid pick especially for newbies because he is easy to use. This jungler is your standard fighter capable of swiftly zooming in on enemies, hindering them, and dealing massive damage. He is a great option for ganking with his crowd control.

(Passive) Determination

Every third attack deals bonus damage and heals Xin Zhao.

(Skill 1) Three Talon Strike
Xin Zhao’s next 3 standard attacks deal increased damage with the third attack knocking an opponent into the air.

(Skill 2) Wind Becomes Lightning
Xin Zhao slashes in front of himself with his spear, then thrusts it forward, slowing affected enemies.

(Skill 3) Audacious Charge

Xin Zhao charges at an enemy, dealing damage to all enemies in the area and slowing them briefly.

(Ultimate) Crescent Guard

Xin Zhao deals damage to nearby enemies based on their current Health and knocks non-challenged targets back. Xin Zhao is impervious to damage dealt by champions outside of the circle created.


To effectively chase down an enemy, activate his third skill first to briefly slow down the target. Make use of Xin Zhao’s impressive ganking abilities and capitalize on it each time an opportunity presents itself. He can seriously overwhelm a target during team fights.

Evelynn: Assassin (Cost: 725 Wild Cores)


If your team lacks burst damage to assassinate priority targets, Evelynn is your best pick. With her invisibility skill, she can slay enemies with the element of surprise – a fair warning to new players out there. What makes her even more dangerous is that she can charm targets before taking them down with a lethal combo.


(Passive) Demon Shade
When out of combat, Evelynn enters Demon Shade. Demon Shade heals Evelynn when she is low on health and grants Camouflage after level 5.

(Skill 1) Hate Spike
Evelynn strikes out with her lasher twice, dealing damage to the first unit hit. Then, Evelynn can re-cast to shoot another line of spikes at nearby foes.

(Skill 2) Allure
Evelynn curses her target, causing her next attack or spell after a delay to slow or charm her target, based on time cursed, and reduce their magic resist.

(Skill 3) Whiplash
Evelynn whips her target with her Lasher, dealing damage. She then gains movement speed for a short duration. When exiting Demon Shade, Whiplash pulls Evelynn to her target.

(Ultimate) Last Caress
Evelynn briefly goes untargettable and decimates the area in front of her before warping backwards a long distance.


As she commonly plays in the Jungle Lane, Evelynn is equipped with a well-rounded skillset including charming, extra magic damage and a punishing ultimate. To max out on her burst-kill, focus on completing her build as fast as you can. Get ahead in gold and help her farm quickly. Once in gold advantage, many champions will be at her mercy.

Master Yi: Assassin/Fighter

Master Yi

This master bladesman assassin, apart from being a good jungler, can also work well on his own as a solo laner. His major advantages include Alpha Strike that allows him to dodge several attacks by becoming invulnerable during the animation. Enemies be warned if they plan to go one-on-one with Master Yi as he has immense speed that can cut you to pieces and heal himself with Meditate.


(Passive) Double Strike

Every few consecutive basic attacks, Master Yi strikes twice.

(Skill 1) Alpha Strike
Master Yi teleports across the battlefield with blinding speed, dealing physical damage to multiple units in his path, while simultaneously becoming untargettable. Alpha Strike can critically strike and deals bonus physical damage to monsters. Basic attacks reduce Alpha Strike’s cooldown.

(Skill 2) Meditate
Master Yi rejuvenates his body by focus of mind, restoring Health and taking reduced damage for a short time.

(Skill 3) Wuju Style
Grants bonus true damage on basic attacks.

(Ultimate) Highlander
Master Yi moves with unparalleled agility, temporarily increasing his Movement and Attack Speeds as well as making him immune to all slowing effects. While active, Champion kills or assists extend Highlander’s duration. Passively reduces cooldown for his other abilities on a kill or assist.


As one of the best picks in the game, Master Yi is a reliable Champion in different departments. Use him to execute team objectives, destroy towers, carry out split-push, and manage multiple jungle clears. You can outduel multiple enemies with Alpha Strike so make sure to prioritize levelling this skill first. Speed & critical hits are king with this assassin, use that to your edge.

Graves: Marksman/Fighter (Cost: 725 Wild Cores)


This marksman/fighter hybrid is capable of dealing tremendous physical damage with his double-barrel shotgun (with 12 Gauge and Buckshot). He can finish off escaping enemies with his long-range skills. Apart from that, he is also an excellent jungler, capable of clearing camps efficiently. 


(Passive) New Destiny
Graves’ shotgun has some unique properties. He must reload when he runs out of ammo. Attacks fire 4 bullets, which cannot pass through units. Non-champions struck by multiple bullets are knocked back.

(Skill 1) End of the Line
Graves fires an explosive shell that detonates after 1.5 seconds, or 0.25 seconds if it strikes terrain.

(Skill 2) Smoke Screen
Graves fires a smoke canister at the target area creating a cloud of smoke that reduces sight range. Enemies caught in the initial impact are dealt magic damage and have their movement speed reduced briefly.

(Skill 3) Quickdraw
Graves dashes forward gaining an Armor boost for several seconds. If Graves dashes towards an enemy champion, gain two stacks of True Grit instead. Hitting enemies with basic attacks lowers the cooldown of this skill and refreshes the resistance boost.

(Ultimate) Collateral Damage
Graves fires an explosive shell dealing heavy damage to the first champion it hits, and pushing Graves back from recoil. After hitting a champion or reaching the end of its range, the shell explodes dealing damage in a cone.


Graves is one of those rare ranged junglers that actually works. Prioritize on his third skill to aid with jungling. Also, remember to build up your stacks if you plan to engage in ganks to help him become more durable. To completely wipe out an enemy who’s fleeing with critical HP, use Grave’s long-range ultimate to get the job done.  

In conclusion, picking a jungle champion is both challenging and critical as it requires good map awareness, roaming skills, and gank decision to leverage the team. Once you get accustomed to this role and play it right, you will definitely be a big lift to the team during the battle.

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