Summer isn’t over with Angela Summer Vibes + Nana Sundress


Hot new skins from MLBB will make up for your lost summer! Angela and Nana are ready to parade their summer outfits “Summer Vibes” and “Sundress” around Land of Dawn!

It seems like sun-bathing and chilling by the pool are Angela’s new hobbies. Dressed in an aqua blue pair of swimsuit and an ice-cream in one hand, she looks too cool for summer! Oh did we mention that her doll is dressed exactly like her?

Nana is also joining the fun, donning a yellow and pink swimwear and matching flip flops! She looks completely adorable with matching red heart sunglasses and a gigantic hat.

These skins come with new skill effects and +8 magic power. Get either or both, at 30% off in the next 6 days. You’ll even have the chance to get a permanent avatar border when a friend sends you either or both skins!

Recharge diamonds on Codashop to purchase Angela Summer Vibes and Nana Sundress!

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