Get NoxPlayer and play mobile games on your PC like PUBG, Free Fire and more!


Playing your favorite mobile games on a small screen has, at some point, made you wish for a more immersive experience like having it on your PC. Now you can and it’s pretty easy with the NoxPlayer. It’s a fully optimized Android emulator that delivers smoother and steadier experience for your games and apps.

The NoxPlayer is free to download from and is compatible for both Windows 10 and Mac. Its host of amazing features include:

Open keyboard mapping support. Users can get PC-like gaming experience by customizing their keyboard, mouse or gamepad support. There are more combinations for smart keys available to help you control characters and execute their skills more effectively. You can optimize this function to match your gaming routine. Players can even utilize this keyboard support to play Mobile Legends! How do you like that!

Multi instances, more games. This means that you can run more emulators simultaneously. Simply put, players can run two emulators at the same time to complete missions.With multi instances, you can make more game accounts and utilize them to level up faster. Switch between games on your PC easily. Other benefits include running games while watching videos or chatting with friends. For those who love sharing games on social media and streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, this makes it a lot easy.

Single click to do the trick. With Macro(Script), you can designate complicated operations and execute it just by a single click. This will simplify the actions you do during the game. It’s like making a complex combo move just by pressing one random key. Now that’s swell!

How to download

Installing NoxPlayer on your PC is pretty simple.
1. Download NoxPlayer.
2. Click Tools, then Google Play and sign in using your Google Account.
3. Install your desired Android games and that’s it!

As a takeaway, the NoxPlayer is an ultimate Android emulator because of its ease of use and great compatibility. Depending on your PC setup, expect better hardware performance and smoother graphics. You don’t have to settle for a small screen or worry about battery life. Go ahead and become your own game master! Try playing Free Fire, PUBG M, or Call of Duty Mobile with NoxPlayer to see the difference.

Download NoxPlayer on PC now!