Omlet Arcade lets you power up your gaming experience


Whether you are a streamer or a supporter, Omlet Arcade is the livestreaming app you will surely enjoy! With premium features to improve your livestream and gameplay or interact with your favorite streamers, gamers can never go wrong with this app.

Go on a 1 on 1 gaming session with your favorite streamer
Supporters can hang out and spend time with their favorite streamer by booking a 1 on 1 session. This is a great way to connect or learn tips and tricks from the streamer. You can even invite him/her to play and rank up together!

Level up your livestreaming
Enjoy unlimited, high resolution livestreaming plus a personal RTMP link so you can stream to any other platform. You can even create a squad and stream together, for a collaborative gaming experience.

Participate in open community matches
Showcase your gaming skills through joining tournaments hosted by your favorite streamers or just enjoy watching matches, may it be from your local community or in the global scene.

Show some love, gift tokens
Want to support your favorite streamers and get noticed by them? Send them tokens to show your appreciation. Top up is now available on Codashop, with various payment options!