Mobile Legends Season End: What Rank Did You Get In Season 19?



Mobile Legends fans, it’s that time of year again when we close the curtains on yet another action-packed season. Season 19 officially ends on 20 March, immediately followed by a brand spanking S20 (also on the same day) swarming with new content to get our excitement to savage real quick.

As a quick recap, every competitive season in Mobile Legends runs for three months. At the beginning of a new season, various rewards will be given to those among the top ranks via their in-game mail. Also, a player’s starting rank for the new season will be determined by their last season’s highest rank.

Let’s look back on some of the most noteworthy happenings back in Season 19. We’ll also fill you in on the season rank down list to know what rank you will land at the start of Season 20. And of course, the awesome rewards. Let’s go! 

Season 19 Highlights

New Heroes. The biggest attraction for every season of Mobile Legends has got to be the new heroes. They drive great interest with the new skills they bring in the battlefield.

Paquito - The Heavenly Fist
Paquito – The Heavenly Fist

Season 19 saw Paquito, the boxer/fighter inspired by the legendary superstar boxer Manny Pacquiao. This brawler is considered one of the most dominating heroes especially in early game.

Yve - The Astrowarden

There’s also the alien mage Yve, Zhask’s mortal enemy. Her unique ultimate skill reigned cosmic damage thru real-world manipulation, something we’ve never seen before in the Land of Dawn.

Other Notables. The Grand Mayhem Event happened which gave players some craziness and mad fun using their favorites heroes with overpowered skills. The M2 World Championship also took place where the Philippines’ Bren Esports took the crown, going up against Myanmar’s Burmese Ghouls in a 7-game nail-biter.

M2 World Championship

Season Rank Down List + Rewards

As S19 comes to a close, player ranks will be reset to begin S20. The big question is: What rank did you reach? As this will affect your standing in the upcoming season. 

Mythical Glory 5100+ Points Legend V
3100 – 5090 Epic I
2100 – 3090 Epic I
1100 – 2090 Epic I
600 – 1090 Epic II
500 – 590 Epic II
400 – 490 Epic II
300 – 390 Epic II
200 – 290 Epic II
10 – 190 Epic II
Legend Legend I Epic III
Legend II Epic III
Legend III Epic III
Legend IV Epic III
Legend V Epic IV
Epic Epic I Epic IV
Epic II Epic V
Epic III Epic V
Epic IV Grandmaster I
Epic V Grandmaster II
Grandmaster Grandmaster I Grandmaster III
Grandmaster II Grandmaster IV
Grandmaster III Grandmaster V
Grandmaster IV Master I
Grandmaster V Master II
Master Master I Master III
Master II Master IV
Master III Elite I
Master IV Elite I
Elite Elite I Elite I
Elite II Elite II
Elite III Elite III
Warrior Warrior I Warrior I
Warrior II Warrior II
Warrior III Warrior III


Season Rewards

One of the coolest things that MLBB players are most excited about when the season ends are the rewards. Players who grinded double time during the season (those who reached the top ranks) get better rewards of course. Log in on 20 March to receive your rewards via in-game mail.

Season Rewards 1

Season Rewards 2

Season 19 Exclusive Skin

Akai users, rejoice! Players who reached Master up to Mythic can get the S19 Exclusive Skin – Akai’s Street Enforcer. Watch your favorite Panda in his cool streetwear threads complete with funky skill effects.

Season 19 Exclusive Skin

What to Look Forward to in Season 20?

For Season 20, prepare for another adventure with new heroes and events coming to the Land of Dawn.

New Hero – Beatrix. Fans are excited with the arrival of Beatrix, the latest marksman hero who can switch between four (4) different weapons! Will Beatrix be the new meta or will she go down straight to the banned section with her unique skills? Let’s see how she changes the battlefield landscape. Beatrix will be available in 19 March.

New Hero - Beatrix

Season 20 First Purchase. Saber mains, your favorite assassin has a brand new skin! Saber’s Silver Edge will be the First Purchase Skin for Season 20. Are you excited for this one?

Saber Silver Edge

What are you most looking forward to in the new season of Mobile Legends? Share your thoughts with us on Codaclub Community, it’s our newest forum where you can meet and share experiences with fellow Codashop gamers!

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