Mobile Legends Beatrix Guide: New Marksman With Four Weapons!


Learn which guns are most useful for this Mobile Legends Marksman

As the latest Mobile Legends Marksman, Beatrix is unlike any other heroes you have seen before. If you’re used to using just one weapon, Beatrix can equip two weapons at once! From a submachine gun, a sniper, a shotgun, or even a rocket launcher, learn how can take advantage of any situation (close or long-range combat) to dominate the game.

If you’re a big fan of Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man, you may find his storyline somewhat similar to Beatrix. Both of them are filthy rich, have their own butlers (Jarvis for Tony and Morgan for Beatrix), and most of all, they are extremely smart. Beatrix uses her profound knowledge of science and her techie prowess to invent tremendous firepower to save the city of Eruditio from destruction. Does more weapons mean more fun? Find out the answer about this pink-haired genius in this post.

How to win using Beatrix in Mobile Legends

MLBB Beatrix

Beatrix Skills / Abilities

Renner's Apathy

Renner Basic Attack – Longshot: Fire a powerful shot in the enemy’s current direction, dealing 180 (+360 Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the first target hit (this shot can be dodged, or blocked by others).

Bennett's Rage

Bennett Basic Attack – Area Bombing: Choose a location to bombard, dealing 90 (+180% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to all enemies in that area and slowing them by 30% for 0.5 second.

Wesker's Elation

Wesker Basic Attack – Proximity Advantage: Fire 5 shots at the target, each one dealing 60 (+120% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage (damage dealt to targets hit multiple times decays down to 50%)

Nibiru's Passion

Nibiru Basic Attack – Rapid Fire: Let loose a volley of 4 shots, each one dealing 20 (+40% Total Physical Attack Physical Damage. These shots hit all enemies in the target range evenly in turn, prioritizing heroes.

Masterful Gunner

Passive: Beatrix can carry 2 weapons at once.

Active: Beatrix takes 1 / 0.9 / 0.8 / 0.7 / 0.6 / 0.5 second to swap her primary weapon with the secondary weapon she has slung over her back, gaining an all-new way to attack and Ultimate.

Tactical Reposition

Beatrix leaps forward and fully reloads her current weapon.

Note: This skill’s animation will change depending on the weapon she’s using but the effect will be the same regardless of the weapon.

This skill can be blocked by Grounded effect.

Renner's Apathy

Renner’s Apathy: Beatrix wields Renner calmy upon the battlefield, aiming at the enemy. When releasing the skill, she deals 700 / 950 / 1200 (+250% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the first enemy hit. This skill gets 50% Physical Lifesteal, but is not affected by Spell Vamp.

Bennett's Rage

Bennet’s Rage: Beatrix focuses her range, and has Bennett rain down a bombardment in a set area 5 time(s). Each bombardment slows the target by 30% and deals 600 / 750 / 900 (+225% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies hit (this damage decaying to 15% when hitting the same target multiple times), lasting 1 second. This skill gets 25% Physical Lifesteal, but is not affected by Spell Vamp.

Wesker's Elation

Wesker’s Elation: Beatrix raises Wesker and fires off ultra bullets that deal 295 / 370 / 445 (+110% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage each time they hit an enemy (the damage of successive hits on the same enemy decays by 25%, but falls no lower than 25% base damage). This skill gets 50% Physical Lifesteal, but is not affected by Spell Vamp.

Nibiru's Passion

Nibiru’s Passion: Beatrix squeezes the trigger to greet oncoming enemies with a 6-shot volley from Nibiru, inflicting 320 / 380 / 440 (+85% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to each hit. This skill gets 25% Physical Lifesteal, but is not affected by Spell Vamp.

Need Backup

Having escaped battle for 3 seconds, Beatrix can call for her butler Morgan to provide her with a backup weapons crate. Beatrix must then choose two weapons from the crate to serve as her primary and secondary weapons. Her weapon selection is interrupted if she performs any other action or is controlled during this period.


Beatrix Play Style


Reap | Damage (Specialty)

Gold Laner

Skill Effects

Best Battle Spell

Retribution: If you play Beatrix as your team’s core or jungler, Retribution is a must so you can farm faster and more efficiently. Equip a jungle item like Raptor Machete.

Purify: Use this to escape sticky situations like being controlled by CC skills.

Flicker: This one is a standard for most Marksman users. Use this to escape from ganks or to chase fleeing enemies. Skill 2 will be used to engage so you will need flicker to escape.

Best Emblem Set

The Custom Marksman Emblem is most suitable to use for Beatrix. This will grant her increased Physical Attack, enhance her Attack Speed and also boost Physical Penetration. Allot points for:

Bravery for bonus physical attack.
Swift to increase attack speed
Weakness Finder to slow your targets

Emblem Set

Best Build


Swift Boots – For Attack and Movement Speed
Demon Hunter Sword – Additional Physical Damage
Blade of Despair – Increase Physical Attack and Movement Speed OR
Corrosion Scythe – Slow enemies + Movement Speed
Haas’s Claws – Get Physical Lifesteal
Queen’s Wings – Reduce damage and increase Physical Lifesteal
Immortality – Add HP + Physical Defense

So what build should we use for each weapon?

For Renner, go for Blade of Heptaseas to get true damage.
For Nibiru, use Demon Hunter Sword for added physical damage.
For Bennet, equip pure damage like Blade of Despair.
For Wesker, use this gun more often for jungle objective and close-range combat.

What do you think of Beatrix? Is she an exciting marksman or is too complicated to use with the variety of skills? Share your thoughts with us on Codaclub Community, it’s our newest forum where you can meet and share experiences with fellow Codashop gamers!

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