MLBB Hero Guide Melissa: Build, Emblem, and Gameplay Tips for the Cursed Needle


Mobile Legends unleashed earlier this year the second Hero of the Forsaken Light, Melissa, to the Land of Dawn. Melissa is an illegitimate child of a noble who runs a tailor shop and solves problems for people with the power of her cursed needles and dolls. No one can hide from this new Marksman, even the foes lurking from unreachable spots!

How to win in MLBB using Melissa

Mobile Legends Melissa

Melissa’s Skills / Abilities

Doll Buster
Melissa’s skills and basic attacks deal extra 50% damage to minions and Summoned units.

Type: Blink

Melissa’s dash skill and attack speed will increase by 75% for 3s. You can use skill 1 to adjust the positions of your skill 2 and skill 3.

Eyes on You

Type: Physical Skill

Melissa throws Muddles on the ground, and it lasts for 6s. After hitting a target reaching max distance, this skill lands on the ground and damages nearby targets.

There are 2 circled areas around Muddles. When an enemy hero steps into the smaller circle, they will get linked to Muddles. The Enemy will have to leave the bigger circle to break the link.

The link will slow down the Enemy by 60% for 1.5s.

If you attack a linked target, Muddles will deal the same damage to all linked targets.

If the Enemy is out of your basic attack range, you can attack Muddles to deal damage to linked enemies. When Muddles attack a target, it will reduce skill 1’s cooldown by 1.2s.

The linked effect only works on Enemy heroes, and it doesn’t work on minions/monsters.

Go Away

Type: Magic Skill

Melissa will create a field around her last 4s. If there are foes nearby, Melissa will use this skill to deal magic damage and push them out of the field.

When this field is active, it will push back and deal damage to enemies trying to enter the field.

Heroes with CC immunity skills can get through this shield. If Melissa leaves the field, it will disappear.

When Melissa’s ultimate is not on CD, she will gain an extra +5 Physical & Magical Defense.

Melissa Skill Style




Skill Effects

Best Lane for Melissa

Go for the Gold Lane to allow Melissa to farm quickly and acquire items rapidly.

Melissa skill combo and upgrade order

If the enemy is within range:

  • Cast her second skill.
  • Immediately cast her first skill, then use her Ultimate skill.
  • Lastly, perform her basic attack.

If the enemy is far: 

  • Cast her first skill.
  • Cast her first skill, then her Ultimate skill.
  • Lastly, finish the Enemy with a basic attack.

Use your first skill immediately to reposition. It will increase your attack speed too.

When upgrading her skills, you can follow this order:

  • First Skill: Unlock and max first.
  • Second Skill: Max last.
  • Ultimate: Upgrade when available.

Best Battle Spell for Melissa

To take advantage of Melissa’s Marksman abilities, Inspire is the best spell to enhance her basic attack up to eight times and increase her attack speed to 55%.

Best Emblem Set for Melissa

Use the Marksman Emblem on Melissa to increase her physical attack, movement, and attack speed. Allot talent points for:

  • Fatal to increase critical chance.
  • Doom to get better critical damage.
  • Weakness Finder to slow targets and their attack speed.

Melissa Emblem

Best item Build for Melissa 2022

  • Swift Boots: +40 Movement Speed, +15% Attack Speed
  • Scarlet Phantom: +30 Physical Attack, +20% Attack Speed, +25% Critical Chance
  • Berserker’s Fury: +65 Physical Attack, +25% Critical Chance
  • Demon Hunter Sword:+35 Physical ATK, +25% Attack Speed
  • Wind of Nature: +30 Physical ATK, +20% Attack Speed, +10% Physical Lifesteal
  • Malefic Roar: +60 Physical Attack

Melissa Item Build

Heroes that can counter Melissa

No one can beat Melissa’s Quirkiness. However, these heroes can be most effective against her.

  • Yve
  • Eudora
  • Aurora
  • Saber
  • Chou

Heroes That Work Well with Melissa

Do you ever wonder who the heroes with deadly combos with Mellisa might be? These heroes can leverage Mellisa’s skills and will indeed eliminate foes quickly.

  • Carmilla
  • Kaja
  • Franco
  • Minsitthar
  • Barats

Is Melissa a top-tier hero marksman in MLBB?

Undoubtedly, Melissa is in the sweet spot of being a top-tier hero marksman in MLBB this 2022. Melissa can dominate any game on offense and plays effectively in defense and team fights. 

Melissa currently ranks among the top five with the highest win rate in the latest MLBB website hero rankings. No wonder no one can outrun Melissa’s cursed needles and beloved dolls, even at the unreachable spots.

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