MLBB M4 World Championship: Schedule and Where to Watch


MLBB M4 Tournament Details

The MLBB M4 World Championship is near. From January 1 to January 15, 2023, MLBB teams from different regions will gather in Indonesia in front of a live audience to bring the most exciting plays and bring home a share of the US$ 800,000 prize pool and be called the M4 World Champion. In this article, we will list the basic information and the schedule of the matches, along with where to watch the M4 World Championship.

What is the M4 World Championship?

M4 World Championship is one of the elite tournaments in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB). It showcases the best teams in different regions and their rightful place in MLBB’s tournament history. This year marks the first time the event will be held in front of a live audience since the restrictions brought by the pandemic forced venues to have little to no audience in live events.

16 teams from different regions will be represented in the World Championship, including Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, Brazil, Southeast Asia, and North America.

Here are the 16 teams who qualified for the M4 World Championship:

Team Region/Country, Highest Place to Qualify for M4 World Championship
Blacklist International Philippines, MPL PH Season 10 Champions
ECHO Philippines, MPL PH Season 10 Runner-up
ONIC Esports Indonesia, MPL ID Season 10 Champion
RRQ Hoshi Indonesia, MPL ID Season 10 Runner-up
Team HAQ Malaysia, MPL MY Season 10 Champion
Todak Malaysia, MPL MY Season 10 Runner-up
S11 Argentina Argentina, LATAM Super League Season 1 Champion
Malvinas Gaming Argentina, LATAM Super League Season 1 Runner-up
RSG SG Singapore, MPL SG Season 4 Champion
Burn x Flash Cambodia, MPL KH Autumn Split 2022 Champion
Falcon Esports Myanmar, Myanmar Qualifier Champion
Incendio Supremacy Turkey, Turkiye Sampiyonasi Champion
Thrones Esport Egypt, MPL MENA Fall Split 2022 Champion
The Valley North America (US and Canada), NACT Fall Season – Path to M4 Champion
RRQ Akira Brazil, MPL BR Season 3 Champion
MDH Esports Vietnam, Mekong Qualifier

M4 World Championship Format

The tournament format is divided into two parts: the group stage (round-robin format) and the knockout stage (double elimination format). In the group stage, each of the 16 teams is slotted into groups of four (Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D) comprising four teams in each group and will play in a single-round round-robin format. The top two teams of each group will be in the upper bracket of the knockout stage while the bottom two will be in the lower bracket. There is no elimination in the group stage.

Meanwhile, the knockout stage will feature a double elimination format where the ones in the upper and lower brackets have to be eliminated twice to be sent home. For this stage, the games will be played in a best-of-five games except for the first two rounds of the lower bracket (best-of-three) and the grand final (best-of-seven).

Here are the groups for the M4 World Championship.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Blacklist International ONIC Esports RSG SG Team HAQ
Incendio Supremacy Todak Occupy Thrones RRQ Akira
Falcon Esports Malvinas Gaming RRQ Hoshi The Valley
Burn x Flash MDH Esports ECHO S11 Argentina

M4 World Championship Schedule: Group Stage

Day 1 (January 1); All times in GMT +8

Team 1 Team 2 Schedule
Blacklist International Incendio Supremacy 3 p.m. 
Malvinas Gaming MDH Esports 4 p.m. 
Incendio Supremacy Falcon Esports 5 p.m.
Todak Malvinas Gaming 6 p.m. 
Falcon Esports Burn x Flash 7 p.m. 
ONIC Esports Todak 8 p.m. 

Day 2 (January 2); All times in GMT +8

Team 1 Team 2 Schedule
RSG SG Occupy Thrones 3 p.m.
The Valley S11 Argentina 4 p.m.
RRQ Hoshi Occupy Thrones 5 p.m.
RRQ Akira The Valley 6 p.m.
ECHO RRQ Hoshi 7 p.m.
Team HAQ RRQ Akira 8 p.m.

Day 3 (January 3); All times GMT +8

Team 1 Team 2 Schedule
Malvinas Gaming ONIC Esports 3 p.m.
Incendio Supremacy Burn x Flash 4 p.m.
MDH Esports ONIC Esports 5 p.m.
Burn x Flash Blacklist International 6 p.m.
Todak MDH Esports 7 p.m.
Falcon Esports Blacklist International 8 p.m.

Day 4 (January 4); All times GMT +8

Team 1 Team 2 Schedule
RRQ Akira S11 Argentina 3 p.m.
Occupy Thrones ECHO 4 p.m.
S11 Argentina Team HAQ 5 p.m.
ECHO RSG SG 6 p.m.
The Valley Team HAQ 7 p.m.
RRQ Hoshi RSG SG 8 p.m.

 This schedule is to be updated.

Where to Watch M4 World Championship

The M4 World Championship can be streamed live on MLBB’s official Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok channels. While those who want to see it live may attend the event at the Bali United Studio in West Jakarta for the group stage and at Istora Senayan in Tennis Indoor Senayan for the knockout stage. Tickets are sold via Blibli.



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