Master of Martial Arts Shang-Chi is battle-ready in MARVEL Strike Force


Master of Martial Arts Shang-Chi

Commanders, a new chapter has begun in MARVEL Strike Force with the arrival of Shang-Chi. Regarded as one, if not the greatest, hand-to-hand fighter to walk on Earth, Shang-Chi is all set to take on missions using his mastery of the martial arts and excellent chi control that grants him superhuman strength.

Who is Shang-Chi?

As a quick background, Shang-Chi is the son of an immortal crime lord and was brought up to become an assassin for his father’s criminal dynasty. Shang-Chi was trained hard in martial arts, but when we learned about his father’s evil plans, he defected and instead devoted his life to peace. He eventually joined the group Heroes for Hire to triumph for good.

In Strike Force, Shang-Chi plays a Brawler who joins the Heroes for Hire team as its final member. He brings High Health, Damage, and Speed to battles to give each team a big lift. His ultimate ability allows him to use an unblockable chain attack and cannot be counter-attacked. 

Players can further maximize Shang-Chi’s abilities by pairing him with his Heroes for Hire allies. For one, he can turn Iron Fist’s ultimate, The Iron Fist, undodgeable. He can also activate Luke Cage’s new Taunt mechanic: Gaining Taunt when a Heroes for Hire ally drops below 60%.

Shang-ChiImage credit: Scopely

Shang-Chi Skills

Shang-Chi Skills

  • Basic: Pressure Point Strike

Attack primary target for 100% damage + apply Slow.
Gain +25% Extra Crit Chance if the primary target has any positive effects

  • Special: Deadly Hands

Attack primary and adjacent targets for 80% damage.
Clear 1 negative effect from self and all allies.
Gain +1 Counter, up to a maximum of 5.

On War Defense:
This attack targets the most injured, non-summoned enemy and adjacent targets instead. This attack ignores Taunt and Stealth.

  • Ultimate: Way of Fury
    Attack all enemies for 90% damage + 25% additional damage per positive effect from the primary target + Reduce Speed Bar of all enemies by 5%. Apply Speed Up to all Heroes for Hire allies for 2 turns. This attack cannot be counterattacked, blocked, or dodged.

On War Defense:
Reduce Speed Bar of all enemies by 15% instead. 50% additional damage per positive effect from the primary target instead.

  • Passive: Master Martial Artist
    If this character has Deflect, gain +5% Crit Chance and +5% Block Amount.
    On War Defense, if any Heroes for Hire ally has Deflect, that character gains +5% Crit Chance and +5% Block Amount.

Shang-Chi Film-Inspired Costume

Shang-Chi Film-Inspired Costume

The game also features Shang-Chi’s Battle Armor costume inspired by his first appearance in MARVEL Studios’ film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The movie hits theaters globally on September 3.

Shang-Chi dons this uniform to confront a past he thought he left behind, as he’s drawn into the web of the mysterious Ten Rings organization.

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