Identity V is now available on Codashop!


You can now buy Echoes for Identity V on Codashop, it’s safe, fast and hassle-free! Top-up and pay using your mobile load (Globe/TM, Smart/Sun/TNT), GCash, 7-11, Grab Pay and more.

About Identity V

Identity V is the first survival horror game published by Netease and is available on iOS, Android and on PC. Instead of the usual single-player horror games that use a first-person view, Identity V features a 1v4 asymmetrical gameplay where you can play different characters.

You can choose to become a Survivor whose goal is to coordinate with your teammates and escape the map or be a Hunter whose goal is to familiarize all map locations and prevent the survivors’ escape.  

Where to Download Identity V on Android, iOS & PC

For Android users, click here
For iOS users, click here
For PC users, click here

How to Buy Echoes on Identity V

Topping up Echoes on Identity V is made easy & convenient at Codashop. And the good news is, there’s no credit card, registration or login required!

Simply follow these 5 quick & easy steps, and the ingots will be added to your account immediately after you complete the payment.

Step 1. Visit Identity V at Codashop by clicking here.

Step 2. Enter your user ID.

Step 3. Select your desired top up amount.

Step 4. Choose your preferred payment method.

Step 5. Complete your purchase and you’re done!