VALORANT Ranked Calculation and MMR Guide


VALORANT Ranked Calculation and MMR Guide

VALORANT is one of the hottest and most live-streamed games on Twitch. Players compete with other players on who is better with their choice of weapon or character. Each player has this so-called MMR. MMR is short for ‘matchmaking rating.’ The algorithm uses it to determine the player’s level and skill competitiveness regarding which game they should be part of during matchmaking. But how do you know your MMR? 


VALORANT has different ranking rates. The system has eight (8), Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant. Each rank has three (3) sublevels, except for Radiant, which progresses as you play and win.


Your VALORANT rank reflects on your match history, whether you are ranked higher or lower, along with the number of gained or lost rank points. VALORANT displays a progress bar for the players to know how close they are to the next rank, and whenever they lose, it loses rank points making it farther for them to reach the next rank. 

How does VALORANT’s ranking system work?

Like with other games, the ranking system determines your game progress, including wins and losses in VALORANT. It rises as you gain more rank points by winning; the opposite is when you lose a match. 

Players can only play rank games as soon as they reach level 20. So, you must play other game modes, such as classic, to level up. Once you reach level 20, VALORANT requires players to play five (5) placement matches first, and from that, the system will determine your mastery and competitiveness, matching your skills to the rank that fits you the most. 

MMR vs. Ranking

Unlike your rank rating (RR) displayed in your profile. You can only see your MMR when you share it. Rank rating changes or resets every game, which differs from MMR. Wherein MMR stays the same. It is where Riot bases which game they should put you in during matchmaking. 

Riot does this to ensure that your MMR and RR match. If your RR is higher than your MMR, then there is a high chance that you will lose more RR. The system thinks that you rank lower because of your MMR.

Conversely, if you have a higher MMR, you will gain more as you win and lose less to reach your ‘actual rank.’

Currently, VALORANT players mostly rank Silver. Only a few get to go Immortal. Aside from the fact that it is harder to rank higher than Platinum, as it gets more competitive as you progress, it is even harder to sustain and stay in your highest rank. You must consistently learn and strategize your game, increasing your MMR to earn more rank points. Aside from winning and avoiding losses, consider your MMR every time you play, helping you rank higher. 

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