How to Find and Unlock Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal Demon Gates

If you’re looking for an exciting challenge in Diablo Immortal, then Demon Gates should pique your interest. It’s the perfect place to test your skills and reap the rewards for your efforts. However, finding a Demon Gate isn’t like a walk in the park, or in this case, around Sanctuary. In fact, Demon Gates are designed to test late-game players as they first set foot in the Realm of Damnation. So, what exactly are Demon Gates, and how do you find one?

Realm of Damnation Diablo Immortal

Demon Gates Explained

In Diablo Immortal, as you progress throughout the game and explore the different areas, you’ll come across a couple of random events like the Haunted Carriage in Ashworld Manor or the Ancient Arena in Bilefen. Demon Gates are one of these special events that appear in specific locations for a limited time, and they give you a chance to take on a challenging fight against an Elite monster.

Unlocking the Demon Gates Special Event

Demon Gates will randomly appear in specific locations throughout the game. In order to unlock the event, you must first be strong enough to reach the Realm of Damnation, which is an area you can find towards the end of the Frozen Tundra. As mentioned earlier, this is considered a late-game region, so it’s recommended that you reach level 56 or higher before you can set foot in the Realm of Damnation.

Demon Gates Entrance

Now, reaching the Realm of Damnation isn’t enough for you to participate in a Demon Gate just yet. You still need to finish the campaign and reach level 60. Only then will you be able to unlock the ability to change the difficulty in-game. After you’ve unlocked this, you must change the difficulty level to at least Hell I.

Once you’ve met those two requirements, the Demon Gates will be open, and you can start participating in the special event. However, a new challenge appears before you, and that is how to find a Demon Gate.

Locating and Completing Demon Gates

To participate in a Demon Gate event, you must first know when and where they will appear. You need to remember that Demon Gates aren’t always present and can only be accessed at a certain time and place:

When: Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays, at 12 PM, 8:30 PM, and 10 PM server time

Where: Forest of Misery or Molten Egress

These two areas in the Realm of Damnation are where you can find the Demon Gates. If you’re already in the zone, you will be notified when the Demon Gate appears and where its exact location is.

At each Demon Gates event, ten portals will appear in the designated area. To open one, a trio of players must cooperate to activate it. Although forming a group is recommended, it is not required – any three or more random players can join forces to activate the portal.

Realm Map Diablo Immortal

Once the portal opens, you will face an Elite Monster that is native to the Realm of Damnation. Now, the demon you’ll face will have a huge health pool and a variety of powerful abilities that will challenge even the toughest players. So you better bring your best gear and work with the other players to slay your opponent. After defeating the Elite Monster, the Demon Gate will be closed, and the rewards will be divided among the participants.

Rewards When Completing Demon Gates

While Demon Gates can be quite a challenge even to late-game players, they provide a great reward for those who manage to complete them. You can expect to find some Magic and Rare items upon completing the event, but there’s also a decent chance of obtaining powerful Legendary gear and Legendary Sets.

Demon Gates are a great way to challenge yourself in the Realm of Damnation and gain some powerful rewards in the process. If you’re looking for a way to test your skills, then Demon Gate events are definitely worth trying out!

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