How to counter Bruno in Mobile Legends


MLBB Bruno Counter

Bruno, the protector of Eruditio, is one of the most high-impact heroes in MLBB. He’s a popular pick for new warriors because his kit is straightforward and easy to master. He may be highly dependent on his core items, but once he kicks off, there’s no stopping him from hitting his goals.

We’ve all seen a resurgence of Bruno mains after the MLBB x Neymar Jr. collaboration, so we came up with this list to turn those one-sided Bruno games into intense, heart-stopping, yet fulfilling ones.

To gain a better understanding, let us first dissect his hero abilities:


Passive – Mecha Legs

Bruno gains 2% extra Crit Chance each time he deals damage with his skills (up to 10 stacks). Bruno has a higher Physical Attack but only gains 80% extra Attack Speed from all sources.

Skill 1 – Volley Shot

Bruno kicks a Powerball, enhancing his Basic Attack and slowing his opponent by 30% for 0.5 seconds. The Powerball bounces back toward Bruno, where he and his allies can retrieve it for another enhanced Basic Attack. Reduces the cooldown of Flying Tackle with each bounce.

Skill 2 – Flying Tackle

Bruno makes a slide tackle in the target direction dealing damage to enemies in his path and stunning them for 0.5 seconds. If the Powerball is bouncing back, Bruno draws the Powerball toward him.

Ultimate – Wave of the World

Bruno kicks his Energy Ball at the enemy hero dealing Physical Damage and knocking them back. The Energy Ball then bounces between nearby enemies up to 10 times, each time dealing Physical Damage and reducing Physical Defense by 8% for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

With this, we can tell that Bruno does the bulk of his damage through his enhanced Basic Attacks. His second skill also risks him because he’ll have no other means of escape once he commits and dashes into the fight.

5 heroes to counter Bruno in Mobile Legends


MLBB Natalia Character Screen

Natalia’s passive alone can give any Bruno player the shivers. Assassin Instinct allows her to enter Stealth and blink behind the enemy to deliver an enhanced Basic Attack. It even applies a mark that silences enemies when activated. Her second skill casts a smoke bomb that gives you immunity to Physical Damage for 4 seconds while slowing down enemies by 40%.

Dash into range and deliver your initial barrage. Don’t worry about Bruno retaliating immediately because he’ll most likely be silenced with the Assassin Instinct mark. Wait for him to reposition with his second skill before casting your Smoke Bomb. Enjoy your free kill!


MLBB Jawhead Character Screen

Good Bruno players rely on their expert positioning skills to gain the upper hand. Jawhead nullifies this with her second skill, Ejector.

Rush toward Bruno with your Ultimate and enter Fling state with your second skill while he is stunned. Throw and feed him to your hungry damage dealers for an easy 5v4 clash.

Popol and Kupa

MLBB Popol and Kupa Character Screen

Bruno is nothing without his core items. Box him out early with Kupa and deny him a fruitful laning phase. If Bruno decides to jump in with his second skill, summon Kupa to stop him in his tracks and then decide if you want to finish him or disengage.


MLBB Kaja Character Screen

All of Kaja’s abilities have some form of CC, making him a considerable threat to Bruno. At full stacks, his passive can decrease enemy damage by 32% and what’s more is that he can undo Bruno’s initial damage burst with Ring of Order, which restores his HP by 100 for every enemy hit.


MLBB Lesley Character Screen

Take Popol and Kupa’s strategy but this time, with more ruthlessness. Exploit Lesley’s ridiculously long range by activating her passive and chipping away Bruno’s health bar. Make sure he’s out of range for gold farming, and then seal the deal with your Ultimate. Do this a couple of times, and he’ll surely lag behind as you enter the mid and late-game phases. 

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