Genshin Impact Slime: Location, Use, and How to Obtain


Genshin Impact Slime Guide

Slimes are blob-like monsters you will encounter on your adventures in Genshin Impact. When defeated, these elemental lifeforms drop valuable items that can ascend or level up your character and weapon. This blog post will show you where to find Genshin Impact Slime, what they can be used for, and how to obtain them.

What are Slimes?

Slimes are monsters created from elemental energy that lurks and roams around in their corresponding elemental surroundings to survive. You can quickly identify Slime differences by looking at their sizes and colors. There are normal, large, and mutant Slimes, and they exist in all elements.

Genshin Impact Slimes

Types of Slimes

There are two types of Slime: Normal and Large. There’s also the Mutant Electro Slime that’s only existent for the said element. These are the type of Slimes according to elemental energy:

  • Electro – Electric
  • Electro Slime
  • Large Electro Slime
  • Mutant Electro Slime
  • Dendro – Plant
      • Dendro Slime
      • Large Dendro Slime
  • Geo – Earth
      • Geo Slime
      • Large Geo Slime
  • Hydro – Water
      • Hydro Slime
      • Large Hydro Slime
  • Anemo – Air
      • Anemo Slime
      • Large Anemo Slime
  • Cryo –  Ice
      • Cyro Slime
      • Large Cyro Slime
  • Pyro – Fire
    • Pyro Slime
    • Large Pyro Slime


Slime drops are essential to your character or weapon Ascension in Genshin Impact. These drops are also categorized into three: Slime Condensate, Slime Secretions, and Slime Concentrate. If you want to level up quickly, it is recommended to farm higher-ranking Slimes. These are the Slime drops according to level:

  • Slime Condensate (Lvl 1+)
  • Slime Secretion (Lvl 40+)
  • Slime Concentrate (Lvl 60+)


Slime Drops are the primary materials needed to ascend your characters and weapons. But you must remember that you need higher-level Slimes if you want to level up or ascend your characters and weapons faster. These characters and weapons require Slime drops for level-up and Ascension.

Characters that require Slime Secretions for leveling their talents and Ascension:

  • Itto
  • Lisa
  • Xiao
  • Xiangling
  • Venti
  • Zhongli

Weapons that require Slime Secretion for Ascension:

  • Amo’s Bow
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Wind
  • Skyward Pride
  • Staff of Homa
  • Alley Hunter
  • Favonius Lance
  • Luxurious Sea-Lord
  • Mappa Mare
  • Missive Windspear
  • Royal Greatsword
  • Sacrificial Bow
  • Snow-Tombed Starsilver
  • The Black Sword
  • The Flute
  • Harbinger of Dawn
  • Magic Guide
  • Sharp-shooter’s Oath
  • White Iron Greatsword
  • Old Merc’s Pal
  • Waster Greatsword

Where to find Slime in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Slime attack

Farming Slimes would be the easiest thing you can do in Genshin Impact. You just need to remember that these elemental lifeforms are attracted to their element’s materials and can be found all over the Land of Teyvat. But if you want to farm quickly, these are the best places and materials where you can quickly locate them:

  • Anemo – Dandelions
  • Cryo –  Mist Flowers
  • Dendro – Grassy Fields
  • Electro – Electro Crystals
  • Geo – Ore Deposits
  • Hydro – Shallow waters
  • Pyro – Flaming Flowers

Slime Location Map – West Mondstadt

Slime Location MondstadtScreenshot image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Slime Location Map – East Mondstadt / North Liyue

Slime Location LiyueScreenshot image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Slime Location Map – South Liyue

Slime Location South LiyueScreenshot image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

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