Genshin Impact: The Lochfolk and Their Origins


Genshin Impact Lochfolk (1)

Teyvat is filled to the brim with wondrous beings, each offering the Traveller a unique glimpse of this world through their lens. And as the Genshin Impact story flows to the next chapter, Fontaine, we’re all excited to meet more of these beings. Today, we will talk about a life form that has close connections to the Land of Justice: the Lochfolk, otherwise known as the Oceanids.

What are the Lochfolk?

Hailing from Fontaine, the Lochfolk are beings of pure Hydro energy. They trace their origins and allegiance back to the former Hydro Archon, who sent them all across Teyvat as discreet observers, aiming to bring its inhabitants closer to one another. When the previous Hydro Archon died in the Cataclysm, she was replaced by Focalor, who preferred running things differently. She and the Lochfolk didn’t get along very well, and the waters around Fontaine turned bitter and full of hatred. The Oceanid went on a self-imposed exile from Fontaine, which is how the Traveller crossed paths with Rhodeia, Endora, and Idyia.

The Lochfolk possess the capability to manipulate water. They can also glide through the air and craft entities moulded from other creatures. And as notably demonstrated by Idyia, the Lochfolk can also adopt a human guise, though such transformation would trigger a Hydro indicator when viewed through Elemental Sight.

Endora Genshin

The Oceanids we’ve encountered so far

The Traveller meets a couple of Oceanids early in the story, so you might wonder why we still know so little about Fontaine and the new Hydro Archon. This is because the Lochfolk’s growth works differently from all the other creatures in Teyvat, and leaving their home and separating from the main Lochfolk population causes them to lose their memory. Self-exiled Lochfolk spend the rest of their lives gaining back their memories and relearning the world around them. Let’s take a look at the notable members of the Lochfolk we’ve met so far:

Rhodeia of Loch

As the strongest Lochfolk and the former Hydro Archon’s top informant, it’s fitting that Rhodeia is a boss-level character in the game. We first encountered her in Version 1.0, and if you’ve been maining Barbara, Mona, Childe, or Xingqiu, you probably know how strong she is. She can summon eight different types of Hydro mimics, some of which can explode after defeat. Her mood also makes the bodies of water around her bitter, as we’ve seen in Version 1.4, where we met another Oceanid, Endora.


Unlike Rhodeia, who has regained most of her strength and powers, Endora is still a curious child when we first meet her in the Wishful Drops event in 1.4. In the event, we help her regain some of her memories and confront Rhodeia, who first thought she was an assassin sent by the new Hydro Archon. Seriously, how can something that cute be an assassin?


After leaving Fontaine, her journey to find a new home led her to meet Alice, Klee’s mom and the author of the Teyvat Travel Guide. She’s also a powerful mage who granted Idyia her domain because of her kindness. Idyia is a shy female Oceanid who takes the form of a Mondstadtian. She likes to grant the wishes of those who stumble into her domain as a way to pay it forward.


The Lochfolk, like all the different races and species in Genshin Impact, help paint the grand canvass that is Teyvat, and as we enter Fontaine, we’re excited to know more about this mystical race and find out if they’ll reach a common ground with Focalor. What creatures in Genshin Impact pique your interest the most? 

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