COD: M Season 6 Synthwave Showdown: New Map, Weapons, and Rewards Await!


CODM S6 SYNTHWAVE Explore the Exciting COD: Mobile Season 6: Synthwave Showdown and experience new maps, weapons, and more! Get to know everything about this new update and be ready to dive in and dominate the battlefield!

Call of Duty: Mobile continues to captivate Operators with its fast-paced gameplay and cut-throat skirmishes. The best part about COD: M is the remarkable season updates and with the release of Season 6: Synthwave Showdown, we can expect even more exhilarating combat. This season packs a new Battle Pass, new Legendary and Mythic Weapons, and exciting new game modes that promise to keep you on the edge. Let’s dive right in!

CODM S6 Visual
Image credit: Call of Duty: Mobile

New map and game modes: Collateral Strike, Ground War, Custom 1v1

Synthwave Showdown brings new gameplay updates to keep the action thrilling. The map Collateral Strike from COD Black Ops Cold War makes its way to COD: M servers to test your game sense and map awareness. Survey the satellite crash site, the ruins, and the flat sandscapes and strategize to your heart’s content! This map offers many opportunities for long-range and close-quarters combat, making your knowledge of loadouts and team tactics even more helpful.

CODM Collateral Strike
Image credit: Call of Duty: Mobile

Ground War comes back with an exciting twist. In this version of the beloved game mode, raising your kill count grants you various abilities, helping you snowball into an unstoppable war machine! Press your advantage and choose between damage buffs and increased reloading speeds.

Want to settle the score with the camping sniper that keeps on sabotaging you? Invite him to a Custom 1v1 Quick Solo Room and square off! You can pick your preferred maps and game modes for a fair fight in this game mode. You can also select a specific weapon type to see who’s the better sniper.  

Season 6 Battle Pass

Unlock exclusive rewards with the Synthwave Showdown Battle Pass, featuring a variety of Operator skins, weapon blueprints, calling cards, bountiful rewards, and COD points. Highlights include the futuristic BP50, a new and powerful assault rifle with a high rate of fire and unmatched long-range capabilities.

Image credit: Call of Duty: Mobile

The Revive Battle Royale Class also debuted in the game mode to give your team added survivability on the battlefield. This new drone helps by reviving fallen teammates and enables smooth escapes with its smoke screen. 

  • Klepto – Miss Cryptic Operator Skin
  • Portnova – Glamor Mob Operator Skin
  • Ruin – Rage Overkill Operator Skin
  • Crash – Knuckleduster Operator Skin
  • DR-H – Sonic Assault Weapon Blueprint
  • SP-R 208 – Fated Journey Weapon Blueprint
  • M4LMG – Guntime Funtime Weapon Blueprint
  • Dobvra – Party Time Weapon Blueprint
  • BP50 – ASH2ASH Weapon Blueprint

New Legendary & Mythic weapon

Add new guns to your arsenal of rare weapons with new Legendary and Mythic Weapon draws. This season, each draw will allow you to win the Fiona St. George – Battle Heiress (Mythic) and Kestrel – Dancer of Discord (Legendary), along with their respective BP50 and PP19 Bizon weapon skins.

The Cypher – Arcade Maestro Operator Skin will be available under the Game Glitch Draw (Legendary), featuring the matching KRM 262 – Loaded Glitch. Samurai’s Soul Series Armory Draw offers a slick assortment of weapons, highlighting the M13 – Risen Shadow.

As always, winning the exclusive cosmetics mentioned above rewards you with Prestige Coins to redeem rare Weapon Blueprints and exclusive GIFs from the Prestige Store.

New Friends feature: Combat Advisor

Level up your skills with the new Combat Advisor feature. This new feature allows friends to form advisor-trainee relationships to level up faster. Completing tasks under this new category grants rewards and increased Player and Weapon XP.

CODM Combat Advisor
Image credit: Call of Duty: Mobile

New mini-game: The Club

Are you looking for a new way to de-stress after playing in COD: M’s highly competitive lobbies? This new rhythm mini-game aims to do just that! Show your moves and get down to the beat of COD: M’s most remarkable tunes.

Ready to Dominate? Prepare for an unforgettable season filled with synthwave music, high-tech weaponry, and adrenaline-pumping action. Dive into Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 6: Synthwave Showdown now and experience the future of combat! And don’t forget to top up your COD: M account only through Codashop to enjoy a fast and hassle-free payment service. 



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