BIGO LIVE: 10 Hand-Picked Streamers to Watch


BIGO LIVE is a streaming service that features streamers of varying content. From chatting, gaming, performing, and everything else in between, BIGO LIVE has streamers that will suit your entertainment needs. In this article, we will look at some of the streamers hand-picked and curated by yours truly. Since this article differs from the BIGO LIVE articles in our blog, we shall set some ground rules. These are as follows:

  • The streamers must actively stream for at least two months or at least a Room Level of 10 if it has an activity like group streams.
  • They have a following of at least 100 fans.
  • They have a command of English, meaning they can speak, understand, and reply to their English-speaking audience. Some exceptions may apply.
  • They mainly stream kid-friendly or general audience variety/specialty streams.
  • If available, they have a streaming schedule.

So, without further ado, let us start our BIGO LIVE journey with these streamers.

Best Streamers to Watch

Our hand-picked and thoroughly curated list encompasses different streamers. Still, more on the entertainment side of things, as game streamers are pretty much in the streamer’s local language, it was hard to collate gaming streams that fit the above criteria without knowing what they do or if they are giving essential tips for budding gamers. However, entertainment streamers who do not speak English have a bit of leeway because the “product” is their performance of a song, dance, or acting. This is how I curated this extensive list.

  • Studio 155th

    (US) – Coming from Harvey, Illinois, the music/broadcast studio, Studio 155th. This channel is unique because they stream as part of their community outreach. Their extensive public outreach and media literacy objectives give them an edge, as the channel and the studio aim to educate the community. In their streams, they hold seminars, play music, and even invites their audience to contribute to the stream as a guest. This channel is for you if you’re into good vibes and education.
    Studio 155

  • The Fire Princess

    (US) – She usually streams her daily life but occasionally posts schedules of her live fire-breathing and LED performance(s). The light-hearted nature of her daily streams is worth watching as she takes on topics ranging from her performances to what she sees in front of her. I got lucky I saw a cat on her stream while she talked about it. You might chance upon her practicing her routine.
    The Fire Princess

  • RedBaby5

    (US) – She spins some slick rhythm-and-blues (R&B) tunes while giving her audience good vibes. You’ll soon find yourself moving along the sickest grooves and wicked melodies.

  • Namipiano

    (Japan) – Despite being primarily in the Japanese language, this streamer interacts with her foreign audience as long as it is in (basic) English. What makes her included here is her piano playing. She mainly plays classical tunes from the Romantic period (Beethoven) to the Modern (Debussy). She also throws in some contemporary tunes, like anime and pop songs. If you want to relax (and learn some Japanese along the way; she somewhat translates what she wants to say in English before replying), this channel is highly recommended.

  • PuppyGuardian

    (US) – This streamer is a puppy shelter in the United States. They stream to raise funds for their shelter and find potential adopters. Their inclusion here is not only for the cute dogs but also to raise awareness about their cause.Puppy Guardian

  • Wesley Sneijder

    (Netherlands) – Former midfielder for the Netherlands National Football Team (KNVB; Oranje) and one of the most elite football players of his generation, Wesley Sneijder (pronounced similar to Schneider) talks about football and his daily life after retiring from it. He gives interesting insights from his playing days with the national team and the clubs he was signed to. Very informative for football fans.

  • GuitarGod83

    (US) – He streams music and his guitar playing. He also allows guests to join him in playthrough some songs and/or help them set up their streaming rig. He has the chops to make you stay captivated by his guitar playing.

  • Miyu

    (Japan) – Like Namipiano, Miyu’s stream is primarily in Japanese. She can interact with her foreign audience in basic English. However, that’s where their similarities end. Miyu plays the flute like it’s nobody’s business. And we can see how much she is having fun playing the instrument to her audience. Her playing will sure bring a smile to your face as well. I highly recommend this stream.

  • HikaruMetalGuitarist

    (Japan) – Another Japanese musician who interacts with their foreign audience, HikaruMetalGuitarist mainly streams covers of classic rock and metal songs. He also has a wide selection of guitars, making the inner guitar geek in me drool over his gear. 

  • Chef Yawdman

    (US) – To round up the best hand-picked streamers, I’d like to close out on a niche hobby and, for the type of content usually seen in BIGO LIVE, is also an odd-man-out, a cooking streamer. Chef Yawdman does not speak much, focusing more on what he’s cooking, but seeing what he does from start to finish is satisfying. It could be your ASMR background stream.


These are some of the most entertaining streams I’ve watched on BIGO LIVE for the past three months. Their content is always top-notch on the platform, and they bring some happiness to their audience. Watch them sometime after work or after play. They will surely give you the entertainment and relaxation you need.

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