Power Pairs: Mobile Legends Couples You Need to Know


MLBB Couple Heroes

Mobile Legends has several pairs, from heroes to hero couples, than we initially thought. Developers believe gamers connect better with their favorite heroes by making their backstories more interesting with sacred bonds. This post lists several power couples based on lore and our tandem picks.

Lancelot and Odette: The Power Couple

This power couple has one of the most exciting backstories in MLBB. We can often hear Lancelot say “Odette, Beautiful Odette” in-game. This is because Odette found him in Azure Lake and brought him to Swan Castle. Lancelot’s love for Odette developed, and later on, he returned to their kingdom and gifted Odette a sword to protect herself. 

What makes Lancelot and Odette great together: 

  • Deals excellent physical and magic damage
  • Ability to instantly burst enemies
  • Great lifesteal capabilities

Miya and Nana: The Travellers

Nana belongs to the cat-elves clan from the Enchanted Forest. Despite her cute and naughty personality, Nana possesses a strong magical ability that once destroyed almost half of the forest. She left the woods to protect her clan, and along the way, she met Miya, who was on a quest to look for a new king. Miya knew how powerful Nana could be, so she suppressed her powers and taught her how to control them. 

What makes Miya and Nana great: 

  • Slowing enemies capabilities
  • Can easily hunt down heroes
  • Great escape capabilities

Harith and Nana: The Couple in Denial

Harith is one of the phenomenal mages from the Leonin clan of the Enchanted Forest, the same where Nana is from. He pursued magic arts and participated in the war against the orcs, where he gained respect from Tigreal. Harith took on the overwhelming responsibilities and criticisms when he became lieutenant of the Imperial and the master of the magic of the Moniyan Empire. Harith was alone and lonely, but Nana came and brightened his life with adventure stories. 

What makes Harith and Nana great:

  • Have excellent burst damage

Lesley and Harley: The Siblings

Lesley is the daughter of the chief of security. After her father died, the Vance family adopted Lesley and put her as their sole heir, with Harley under her tutelage. She was the only one who kept Harley from being a troublemaker, and protecting him meant everything to Lesley. As long as they are together, Harley can go on as many adventures as he wants while learning.

What makes Lesley and Harley great:

  • Long-range attacks
  • Great lifesteal capabilities
  • Can deal significant physical and magic damage

Argus and Rafaela: The One That Got Away

Argus and Rafaela used to be teammates in protecting the Land of Dawn. However, Argus’ greed over time made him take part in helping the dark abyss, which turned him into a fallen angel. 

What makes Argus and Rafaela great: 

  • Combination plays
  • Deals significant physical damage and has excellent crowd control

Eudora and Gord: Masters of Magic

We all know how powerful Eudora and Gord’s magical powers are. Both are comrades in the Magic Academy, and mastering their magic abilities makes them stand out among others. They are the epitome of the Ursula Academy of Magic.

What makes Eudora and Gord great: 

  • Best in poking enemies
  • Deal huge magic damage

Esmeralda and Khufra: The Second Chance

Khufra’s bittersweet memories of his previous partner’s betrayal could never amount to being forgotten. Eslora has always been with Khufra, and he vouched her to be reincarnated to Esmeralda. He wanted to have his sweet vengeance, but it seems like he is just falling for the second time. 

What makes Esmeralda and Khufra great: 

  • Very durable heroes
  • Best frontliners
  • Excellent crowd control capabilities

Wanwan and Ling: The Fence Sitters

Ling has always been Wanwan’s knight in shining armor, ready to save her even when she has almost endangered herself. Wanwan was once greatly devastated by her unsuccessful love affair with Yu Zhong. Their mission to fight the black dragon has made them closer together.

What makes Wanwan and Ling great: 

  • Deals great physical damage
  • Ability to instantly burst enemies
  • Invincible during ultimate

Kagura, Hayabusa, and Hanabi: The Love Triangle

Kagura and Hayabusa are long-time childhood friends. Kagura belongs to one of the oldest and most powerful families of the Onmyouji. Although they have been together since childhood, Hanabi has also been looking out for Hayabusa. When Hanabi learned that Hayabusa would be the next shadow of the clan, she stole the forbidden weapon “Higabana” from the scarlet vault of the Supreme Grandmaster. She never explained that her intention was driven by her feelings for Hayabusa but given that she hates Kagura around speaks volumes.

What makes Hayabusa and Kagura great: 

  • Deals excellent physical and magic damage
  • Ability to instantly burst enemies
  • Great lifesteal abilities

Luo Yi and Yu Zhong: The Hide & Seek Couple

Plot twists keep the backstories more intriguing. When news reached the people about how a Yin-Yang Geomancer saved a Black Dragon, they knew something was between the two. Luo Yi rescued Yu Zhong when the oriental fighters cornered him. Luo Yi offered her life to Yu Zhong and promised she would always be with him.

What makes Luo Yi and Yu Zhong great: 

  • Great crowd control skills
  • Has support and regen assist capabilities
  • Combination plays

Claude and Fanny: The Fight Club Couple

Claude and Fanny have slight similarities; who would have thought they would have a sacred bond. A feisty marksman paired with a very agile assassin sounds like a great love story. Two worlds collide, creating a powerful bond everyone loves to hear.

What makes Claude and Fanny great: 

  • High mobility
  • Have great escape capabilities

Natalia and Tigreal: The Old School Couple

Tigreal once helped Natalia to escape danger in one of her assassin missions. Despite their differences, the two created a great team-up to accomplish life and death assignments.

What makes Natalia and TIgreal great: 

  • Great for ganking + crowd control
  • Can easily hunt down squishy heroes
  • Combination plays

Zilong and Freya: The PDA Couple

Zilong and Freya prove it is not impossible to be a lover and a fighter simultaneously. Fighting together is better than fighting alone. Teaming up was never a sign of weakness, but rather empowering in order to defeat enemies.

What makes Zilong and Freya great: 

  • Can easily hunt enemies
  • Best frontliners
  • Deals huge physical damage

Carmilla and Cecilion: The Destined to be Together

As the saying goes, love keeps two people together. These blood demons are unstoppable when they team up. Camilla is Cecilion’s shield while he delivers massive damage to their opponents. They are powerful and complement each other, creating the perfect harmony among all the heroes in the Land of Dawn.

What makes Camilla and Cecilion great: 

  • Special ability when played together
  • Cecilion summons Carmilla for protection
  • Carmilla can reset her cooldown using non-ultimate skills

Heroes tagged as couples in MLBB are unique because of their sacred bond. Their combination plays bring great chemistry to the game.

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