Wild Rift Guide: Best Champions to Use for Solo Ranking



Making it on top of League of Legends: Wild Rift might seem daunting if you opt to go for solo ranking. However, it shouldn’t be the case if you know the champions to pick and which lanes they dominate.

Read on our suggestions to help you pick wisely.


When you go top lane, you need to pick Champions who can best self-sustain themselves and survive longer, with high burst damage, and can go head-to-head with enemy junglers. Tanks and fighters make good options. As the game progresses, you can opt to split-push diverting the enemies’ attention. Equip teleport boots to reach further parts of the map quickly or teleport your player to an allied champion.

Garen (Difficulty: 1/3) (Fighter, Tank)

Garen - Wild Rift

Garen is undeniably your old, reliable strongman on the list. He has zero-cost spells (meaning no mana requirement), making it a good start even for beginners. As a melee fighter, Garen is extremely aggressive and can bring down opponents effectively while guarding the frontline. His solid sustainability and regen abilities make him a formidable choice if you want to solo rank your way to the top. Using his furious and uninterruptible skill called Judgment, deal substantial physical damage to enemies and spin to win the battle!

Other high win-rate champions in the Baron Lane

These champions can help do the heavy lifting for you from lower ranks to high via the Baron Lane. The top lane is usually the turf of tanks and fighters. 

Camille (Difficulty: 3/3) (Fighter)

Camille - Wild Rift

Accurate and highly flexible, Camille is dead serious when she tells her enemies to ‘stay where I want you to stay” with her hookshots and gigantic leg blades. As a top lane pick, Camille is tough to deal with, is too annoying, and her revolutionary ultimate can dictate the game’s tempo. Her ability to topple lazy carries is also a significant advantage. She has good mobility, can dash thru walls, and uses that to her advantage to chase enemies and cut them down to size. Prioritize offensive items like Ravenous Hydra to build damage and make you more unstoppable.

Nasus (Difficulty: 1/3) (Fighter, Tank)

Nasus - Wild Rift

The Curator of the Sands, Nasus is imposing, smart, and peerless. As a top lane choice, Nasus can sustain himself with his passive, aptly named Soul Eater, for bonus Life Steal. His Wither spell slows down the Movement and Attack Speeds of enemies, making them more vulnerable to attacks. If undying is your objective, go for a more tanky dueling build and with a juggernaut playstyle to dominate. Utilize Spirit Fire to help farm the lane while on Solo. Capitalize on his serious late-game damage from Siphoning Strike with a tank build.


As the most accessed entry point in the game, Champions who man this lane must be effective in reigning down the damage during intense teamfights. The Mid Lane is a scary place; therefore, champion picks must be agile and effective killers while not allowing the enemy team to feed on kills. Holding forth the Mid Lane will be a factor for team success. 

Ahri (Difficulty: 2/3) (Mage, Assassin)

Ahri - Wild Rift

Ahri is predatory and ruthless, playing around her victims before taking away their life essence. Her balanced skills help her quickly clear waves early and effectively hold the forth in the mid. Once her Fox Fire has established a right bearing, she does massive damage. Essence Theft then helps in healing while dealing damage. Be wary of her Charm, a kiss that damages and enchants an enemy to walk harmlessly towards her with the ability to cancel dashes too. Overall, Ahri is safe, has good roam and decent damage, and can work on flexible builds. 

Other high win-rate champions in the Mid Lane 

Mage and (some) assassins with high burst damage and mobility are suitable candidates for the Mid Lane. Their central proximity to the map gives them more opportunities to respond to ganks and prepare for Baron or the Dragon.

Ziggs (Difficulty: 2/3) (Mage)

Ziggs - Wild Rift

Pros Cons
Can do wave clearing fast Very squishy
Tremendous Burst Damage Wrong positioning can make him suicide
Long-range poke All abilities are skillshots


Zed (Difficulty: 3/3) (Assassin)

Zed - Wild Rift

Pros Cons
Insane Burst Damage Highly prone to Crowd Control
High Mobility and can ambush effectively Easy to counter
Good farm in the early game High difficulty with complex gameplay


Do not be deceived thinking that the Dragon Lane is the easiest path out there. It requires good chemistry from the team to win the battle in the area. This is where Support champs should shine brightest in keeping their AD carries safe and secured while farming to build more items. Communication will be key, so make sure that both your picks complement each other’s abilities.

Blitzcrank (Difficulty: 1/3) (Tank, Support)

Blitz - Wild Rift

Another old reliable, Blitzcrank is one of the most accessible champions in Wild Rift.

Straightforward and simple, players will not have a hard time using this metal buddy as support as long as they land his quick Rocket Grab. In effectively doing so, your ADC champ must be well-positioned to deal the final blow on hooked enemies. Master Rocket Grab + Power Fist as your ultimate 1-2 combo.

Other high win-rate champions in the Dragon Lane

Select mage or support champions with Magic Damage to play the role of protectors for your Carry. They are essential to ensure that dedicated marksmen are built well, leading towards the final battle.

Seraphine (Difficulty: 1/3) (Mage, Support)

Seraphine - Wild Rift

Pros Cons
Easy to play and learn Hitting mobile champions can be a bit difficult
A good combination of CC and AOE damage A bit squishy with considerably low HP
Healing and Shield abilities useful in teamfights No outright escape abilities


Alistar (Difficulty: 1/3) (Mage, Support)

Alistar - Wild Rift

Pros Cons
Obviously very tanky Champs who can counter his CC need not to worry much
Packed with Crowd Control Needs help to deal substantial damage on his own
Brilliant setter for teamfights / kills Weak lane presence



Marksmen take the spotlight here. Picking a champion while going on a solo quest will require several things: the ability to farm and build more items fast and dealing more damage at a safe distance during team fights. Take note that ADC champs are usually inferior with their HP and defense, so make sure to keep your distance.

Jinx (Difficulty: 2/3) (Marksman)

Jinx - Wild Rift

Wanting to go solo? Jinx is relatively easy to use and rank with. When it comes to auto-attacks, she is an automatic shoo-in! She makes good use of her attack speed to gather kills, even in sticky situations. Her ability to swap weapons make for effective single target damage, not to mention her Flame Chompers that safeguards her from ganks and provides zoning capacity.

Other high win-rate champions in the Mid Lane

When picking an ADC champion, the mobility and attack ability favoring speed to compensate for their frailness should be considered.

Jhin (Difficulty: 2/3) (Marksman, Mage)

Jhin - Wild Rift

Pros Cons
His Ultimate skill is easily a game-changer Mobility is definitely weak
Amazing range and super scaling Low attack speed
Powerful lane presence High skill ceiling making it hard to notice


Vayne (Difficulty: 2/3) (Marksman, Assassin)

Vayne - Wild Rift

Pros Cons
Can hyper-carry during late game Can be easily countered
Natural true damage ability Early game can be dreadful
Decent mobility Champion is hard to master



Junglers can make or break your team’s composition. They can influence what’s happening around the map, help control each lane, and help the team secure general objectives like the dragon and Baron. Farming for neutral creeps to get stronger items and improved abilities is also vital. A good map awareness at all times is a must. Watch out for our next post, as we will give you a more in-depth guide about the ‘Best Junglers’ in the game.

To sum it up, these hero recommendations should help you towards your push to the top of the ranks. Even if you go on a solo quest, it’s important to practice and try other heroes to learn about their skills and how you can synergize each character to benefit the team.

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