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Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow, is a brilliant inventor who has dedicated his life to Piltover’s protection and an unwavering pursuit of advancement. And that reflects in his playstyle, with him being able to change forms and bring down his opponents in both close- and long-ranged fights.


Hero Playstyle

Jayce is a bully in the early game, especially against melee top laners. When enemies approach last-hit minions, use Jayce’s ranged form, Cannon Stance, to mess around with them.

If the enemy engages you, use Jayce’s first ability, Shock Blast, and second ability, Hyper Charge, before switching to his melee form, Hammer Stance, and using all abilities.

Jayce’s third ability, Thundering Blow, should be used last before transforming back to his ranged form to finish the adversary out with his Shock Blast + third ability, Acceleration Gate combination.


  • Jayce has the best of both worlds since he can use both melee and ranged attacks. As a result, he is an excellent blind pick and performs well against most Baron lane matchups.
  • Because of his ranged edge, he can easily win his lane, and winning the lane frequently transfers into a wonderful mid-game when he becomes stronger than most champions during that time.
  • Jayce is one of the few characters in the game with six skills. These skills may be used in infinite ways to either blast down adversaries or wear them down via persistent DPS.


  • Jayce’s win condition, like that of other early-game champions, expires in the late game. If you fail to win the game with Jayce in the middle, you will struggle in the late game.
  • For a fighter, Jayce is surprisingly squishy. Even if he is built as a bruiser, he is difficult to play in the front line.

Jayce’s Abilities

Passive | Hextech Capacitor

Hextech Capacitor provides Jayce with a speed boost for a short time when he switches weapons.

Skill 1 | Melee: To the Skies!

To The Sky! is a dash ability that targets enemies in a small area, dealing damage and slowing them. This ability will bridge the distance between you and your target before using your other abilities on them.

If you need to shove waves while defending or before recalling to base, don’t be afraid to overuse this ability. Do remember that To The Sky! cannot be Flash buffered. If you use Flash during the animation of this ability, it will be canceled and will not deliver damage.

Skill 1 | Range: Shock Blast

Shock Blast is a ranged skill shot that damages a limited area when it collides with an adversary for the first time. This ability is usually used to annoy foes during the laning phase and to finish them off.

When Shock Blast travels through an Acceleration Gate, its damage and range increase. This combination does a lot of damage in the middle to late game. It does enough harm to kill enemies or deter them from engaging in combat.

Skill 2 | Melee: Lightning Field

When triggered, Lightning Field emits an electrifying aura that deals area magic damage to opponents over the course of four seconds. It does not cause much damage, but you may use it to deliver more damage during fights.

When Jayce uses his hammer, Lightning Field heals mana passively with each auto-attack. However, without Manamune, this is insufficient to meet Jayce’s mana requirements.

Skill 2 | Ranged: Hyper Charge

Jayce gains a surge of attack speed for three attacks when he uses Hyper Charge. It does less damage each attack than his typical auto attacks, but the damage per second at this time is more than his normal DPS.

Not only may Hyper Charge be used on champions, but it is also an excellent tool for quickly destroying turrets. Because this skill is also an auto attack reset, use it after a normal auto attack to unleash four attacks in fast succession instead of just three.

Skill 3 | Melee: Thundering Blow

Jayce’s only crowd control, self-peeling, combo build-up, and combo breaker is Thundering Blow. Obviously, learning Thundering Blow is essential to mastering Jayce.

It deals damage according to a percentage of the maximum health of enemies affected by this ability, making it a powerful tank-damaging ability. Although it is a targeted ability, enemies around also take damage and are knocked back.

By activating Jayce’s first ability, To The Skies!, you may do a mini Insec combination with Thundering Blow! Then, use Flash towards the backside of your target, and knock them to your teammates or turret.

Skill 3 | Ranged: Acceleration Gate

Acceleration Gate, as described in the Shock Blast section, gives extra damage and range when the Shock Blast Orb passes through it.

Aside from boosting Shock Blast, Acceleration Gate grants Jayce and any allied champions who travel through it a diminishing additional movement speed. After recalling, do not be afraid to use this skill to return to the lane quicker.

Ultimate | Mercury Cannon/Mercury Hammer

Jayce may transform into two different forms: Mercury Cannon and Mercury Hammer. Jayce gains a distinct set of skills with distinct cooldowns in each form.

After changing forms, Jayce receives additional damage and effects on his first basic strikes. With Mercury Cannon, he does more damage on his initial assault and reduces the target’s Armor and Magic Resist.

Jayce’s next strike receives bonus damage with Mercury Cannon, and he also obtains passively bonus Attack Speed, Armor, and Magic Resist while wielding the hammer. You should practice maintaining a mental note of Jayce’s cooldown to know the right pace on stance swapping and maintain a steady flurry of damage with Jayce.

Jayce receives additional movement speed when changing forms. He can roam quicker, kite more efficiently, and return to the lane faster because of the increased movement speed gained by transitioning forms. Transform forms often when returning from the base, so you should take advantage of the speed increase.

Standard Item Build

This is Jayce’s standard build since it allows him to consistently harass opponents without worrying about his mana pool and scales him into the mid game with a lot of firepower.

Starting Item

  • Sapphire Crystal

Core Items

  • Manamune 
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Black Cleaver


  • Mercury Treads

Final Build

  • Manamune 
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Black Cleaver
  • Mortal Reminder
  • Guardian Angel’s Resurrect

Lethality Item Build

The pure lethality build bypasses Muramana, allowing Jayce to use burst damage sooner. This build works well against foes who are squishier and lack sustain in their kit. When playing against Teemo or Vayne in the Baron Lane, this build shines.

Starting Item

  • Long Sword

Core Items

  • Death’s Dance
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade


  • Mercury Treads

Final Build

  • Death’s Dance
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Black Cleaver
  • Mortal Reminder
  • Guardian Angel’s Resurrect

Baron Lane

Jayce’s most recommended lane is the top lane, where he can deal insane amounts of damage to tanks and fighters like him. He is what one might call a lane bully, so be sure to maximize his abilities and prevent your opponents from properly farming.

Other Lanes

Yes, you can use Jayce in other lanes like Jungle and Mid Lane! If you’re not the type to go headfirst into battle, this hero’s versatility allows you to farm quickly and uninterrupted while Jungling. You can also bully mid-laners will Jayce if that’s what you want!

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