VALORANT’s 2023 Give Back Bundle: Skins, Price & Release!


VALORANT Give Back BundleThe Give Back bundle is back! For this edition of the famous bundle, players are in for a treat as the community votes on the included skins. We look at the history of the Give Back bundle and what skins are included in this edition.

What is the Give Back Bundle?

VALORANT Give Back Bundle 2023

As its name suggests, the Give Back bundle is Riot Games’ way to give back both to the VALORANT community and to contribute to the Riot Games Impact Fund, where 50% of the proceeds of the Weapon Skins and 100% of the proceeds of the accessories go directly to different organizations around the world whose goal is to bring positive social change.

Introduced in Patch 3.0 (June 2021), the Give Back bundle has shown immense popularity among the VALORANT player base because it involves them. By letting the players choose the skins they want for the bundle, the Give Back bundle is unique among all skin bundles. This is also because of the additional Gun Buddies, Player Cards, and Sprays unique to the bundle.

What is the Selection Process for the Bundle?

The players vote on the weapon skins in the bundle through Twitter, where the official VALORANT page prompts players to vote on the skins they want to be included in the Give Back Bundle. The most votes will be included in the bundle. The whole process takes at most two weeks because of the selection of weapons, and tallying the votes.

Which Skins are Included in The Give Back Bundle // 2023

The latest edition of the Give Back Bundle includes the following skins

  • Reaver Guardian
  • Magepunk Sheriff
  • Gaia’s Vengeance Vandal
  • Recon Spectre

These skins were released as part of their respective skin lines: Reaver, Magepunk, Gaia’s Vengeance, and Recon. All of which are fan-favorite skin lines.

How Much is the Give Back Bundle // 2023

The Give Back Bundle costs 6,387 VALORANT Points (VP) for the whole package, which includes the Gun Buddy, Player Card, and Spray for free. The individual prices of each are as follows:

  • Weapon Skins: 1,775 VP each
  • Gun Buddy: 975 VP
  • Player Card: 775 VP
  • Spray: 675 VP

The price of the whole bundle is significantly less than the total price of the individual pieces. The Weapon Skins alone cost 7,100 VP for all four.

This year’s Give Back Bundle has a great offering since it includes Weapon Skins from the most popular skin lines. The previous Give Back bundles have iconic Weapon Skins included, with the first bundle released in 2021 having both the Reaver Vandal and the Ion Operator; both the most sought-after skins in VALORANT. This year’s bundle is no exception. The Gaia’s Vengeance Vandal and Magepunk Sheriff skins are as coveted as the Reaver Vandal and Ion Operator. So having these two in this year’s bundle will surely make players spend for them, or the whole bundle. Not only will they get the best skins in the game, but they will also contribute to a greater cause.

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