VALORANT Cypher Agent Guide


VALORANT Cypher Agent GuideAre you ready to become the ultimate master of intel gathering in VALORANT? Look no further than Cypher, the tactical genius who can outmaneuver any opponent. With his unparalleled surveillance abilities and pinpoint accuracy, Cypher is the go-to agent for players who want to control the battlefield and stay one step ahead of the competition. Whether you’re sneaking through enemy territory or holding down a crucial chokepoint, Cypher’s arsenal of tools will help you stay on top of the game. Get ready to unlock the true potential of Cypher in this guide!


Cypher is an exceptional agent who can be highly effective when fully mastered. He is highly skilled at gathering intelligence and can locate enemy agents from afar.

C – Trapwire: 200 Credits, 2 Charges

Cypher _C_ ability VALORANTThe Trapwire (C) is a tactical device that enemies can destroy, but not before revealing their presence once triggered. It can cause enemies who fail to destroy it in time to become dazed for three seconds. Cypher can hold up to two Trapwire (C) charges at a time and can be reused by redeploying or picking it up. It is also worth noting that it can inflict 5 points of damage, which could lead to an occasional kill.

Q – Cyber Cage: 100 Credits, 2 Charges

Cypher _Q_ ability VALORANTCyber Cage (Q) can be visualized as a tube-shaped object that does not affect the vision of those inside it but slows them down upon contact with its edges. An audio cue is also played when someone passes through its edges. It can be used as a smoke to obstruct vision and has a longer duration of 7 seconds compared to other non-Controller agents’ vision-obscuring abilities like Jett’s Cloudburst (C). Furthermore, it can be activated after being deployed by Cypher. With a cost of 100 credits, Cypher can hold up to two charges of Cyber Cage (Q), so it should be used liberally.

E – Spycam: Free, 1 Charge

Cypher _E_ ability VALORANTSpycam (E) is an essential tool for Cypher that allows him to place a security camera wherever he chooses and view the surrounding area from its perspective. Additionally, he can fire a tracking dart that marks any enemy it hits and discloses its position. SpyCam (E) is Cypher’s signature ability and comes with a 15-second cooldown when recalled, while its cooldown is extended to 45 seconds if an enemy destroys it. On the other hand, the dart’s tracking ability has a cooldown of 6 seconds.


Cypher Ultimate VALORANTNeural Theft (X) can be employed to locate the remaining enemy agents after killing an enemy, which can help determine if they are shifting positions while attacking. This ability can only be used once and there’s no guarantee that the enemies will remain in the same place. Thus, survival is crucial until at least one enemy agent is defeated to use the ultimate.

Cypher is an effective agent for determining if enemies shift or stick to a particular site. Therefore, if your team gets an early advantage by eliminating an enemy, utilize Neural Theft (X) to identify if the enemies are rotating or waiting for your team to deplete all of its resources.


Cypher’s primary role is to gather information to get the upper hand from the opposing team. Cipher is often left alone in a site to defend the base because he can easily see if the enemies are attacking and can call for a backup immediately. When attacking, Cypher’s Q ability can be used to enter the site without being spotted.  

Defending With Cypher 

  • Master the lineups for Trapwire (C) placements that enemies cannot break unless they walk into them. While these placements may seem overpowered, they are just strategic spots Cypher uses to gain an advantage.
  • Employ a passive playstyle, as Cypher is a Sentinel agent with a defensive skill set. If you perish early in the round, all of your preparations would be for naught, and you would need more time to provide valuable information to your team.

Attacking with Cypher 

  • As a Cypher, focus on defending the flank, as rushing in on the attack can be risky. Keep a watchful eye on your team’s rear to prevent being caught off-guard by flanking enemies.
  • Your survival is paramount as the key agent in defending the spike site. It’s critical to stay alive as you will provide crucial intel to your team, and your ultimate ability, Neural Theft (X), depends on your longevity.

Best and Worst Map for Cypher

Best Map

  • Split is often considered the best map to play as Cypher. While other agents like Killjoy are still effective on Split, they don’t match up to Cypher’s abilities. Cypher can strategically place his traps around the only avenue enemies have to push down when attacking B site, thwarting their efforts.
  • When attacking, Cypher can use his skills to prevent enemy flanks from mid, which is crucial on Split, as controlling the center of the map is vital. Once the spike has been planted, he can relocate to the site and defend it using his abilities.

Worst Map

  • Breeze is widely considered to be the least suitable map for Cypher. The map features several open areas that extend beyond the range of his Trapwire (C), and both sites are challenging to retreat from if enemies force a push.
  • Attacking on Breeze can take at least a minute before Cypher can be helpful, as the push onto the sites is far away. Additionally, each site features multiple angles that enemies can flank from, which forces Cypher to spread his setup thinly.

Best Team Composition for Cypher

  • Cypher 
  • Phoenix
  • Viper
  • Brimstone 
  • Jett

Phoenix and Jett are Duelist agents who excel at defending spike sites using their unique abilities, such as Phoenix’s Blaze (C) and Jett’s Cloudburst (C). Viper and Brimstone, as Controllers, offer valuable support to Cypher’s team, enabling safe pushing onto spike sites during attacks and providing adequate cover for multiple sites when defending.

Have you ever tried playing Cypher in VALORANT? If not, now is the perfect time to test him. Be the best information gatherer in VALORANT with Cypher and dominate your opponent with his abilities. Share your thoughts and experiences with Cypher in the comment section below.

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