VALORANT Ascent Map: Why Doors Matter


VALORANT New Map Ascent

VALORANT’s two-site map called Ascent once again hit the wow-o-meter. The fourth map is reminiscent of medieval Italy. The backdrop itself is a gunfight paradise, with players hungry for action absolutely gorged. 

The new blueprint aims to give players a traditional 3-lane tactical experience and modify their interactions with its standout feature – mechanical doors.This post will help shed some light on how a door influences gameplay and how you can utilize it to gain the upper hand.

A door of opportunities

Each map in the VALORANT universe has an outstanding element. For Ascent, the doors serve as a game changer. 

First off, there are two lockable doors preventing entrances to the sites. One is found near A and the other one is located near A. These mechanical doors have a switch that activates an armoured door to close down, blocking the direct route from mid to that bomb site. Alternately, it can also be triggered to open the path for you.

As simple as it sounds, manipulation of doors can make or break a team’s tactics. Here are some facts you need to be wary about.

Doors serve as protection and alarms players of incoming action. Their switches are fairly noticeable and locating them should not be a problem especially in critical situations.

Doors make noises. When you open it, close it or when it gets destroyed. Listening to the sound is key to plot your next move, whether to ambush or regroup. Be cautious and silent. Those who push should not give the slightest hint of movement to defenders or else they’ll just shut the door, hide and wait.

Doors can be destroyed. A couple of hits and you’ll be able to wreck it. It changes color upon every hit, from blue it turns red. Redder means it’s about to go down. You need to carefully decide when to use this option.

Using Sage’s Barrier Orb to erect a wall or blocking a door with another player will not stop it from closing. So don’t waste your time and effort trying.

Also, doors can be manipulated to open and close upon request, unless they’re already demolished. Intelligent use will definitely leverage the competition.

Door implications

So how does the use of doors affect team strategy? For example, what happens when you close a one-way door? 

Enemies can either opt to break it or move along and take a detour. Both options have their own implications. Destroying it outright will reveal their position. This move can be vulnerable to an ambush because the noise it makes will likely alarm your opponents waiting in the wing.

On the other hand, finding another route and coming up with an impromptu Plan B can be safer but can also put them at a slight disadvantage. Due to predictability, it places the other team in a position to set up and pounce on the perfect opportunity to strike.

So you see, the impact of these activatable doors is immense and should be taken seriously. The principle of opening and closing one makes for an opportunity to push forward or defend successfully. Plain and simple – use doors accordingly to your advantage.

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