Unveiling VALORANT’s 2023 Champions Bundle: Skins, Price & More!


Champions 2023 Bundle
VALORANT Champions 2023 Los Angeles is now here. Sixteen teams will compete for the most coveted prize in VALORANT: the title of “Champion”, and players will get the taste of victory with the newly-released VALORANT Champions 2023 Skin Bundle. From weapon skins to gun buddies, VALORANT players are in for a treat. We look at the included cosmetic swags, their price, the
free VALORANT Champions Event Pass items, and exclusive Twitch Drops.

What is the VALORANT Champions Bundle?

The VALORANT Champions Skin Bundle has been a fixture in the VALORANT Shop since the first Champions event in 2021. The idea of the Champions bundle is to provide the VALORANT community with a celebration of the game’s professional scene while also giving the participating teams 50% of the proceeds from any purchase from this bundle. It’s a way to support the teams, especially after the VALORANT Partnership Program was announced in 2022.

What is Included in the Bundle?

Valorant 2023 Champions Bundle

The bundle includes the following weapon skins with the following prices:

  • Vandal (2,675 VALORANT Points [VP])
  • Melee (5,350 VP)

A Player Card (375 VP), Spray (325 VP), and Gun Buddy (475 VP) are also included.

The weapon skins look really good with its purple accent. The Melee skin looks similar to Jett’s knives. You can’t throw this one, though. The Vandal skin has four levels of upgrades, from sound effects to visual finishers, while the Melee skin has three levels of upgrades. A special condition of 3 kills (Vandal) and six kills (Melee) will make the parts of its skin glow, with the maximum level at 30 total kills.

The total price of the bundle is 6,167 VP.

VALORANT Champions 2023 Exclusive Rewards: Event Pass

If you’re still considering purchasing the bundle, you can grind for free items for this season of VALORANT Champions.

For the entire duration of VALORANT Champions, players can grind the game to earn rewards. Just play and finish any match to gain XP, and receive the following exclusive rewards:

  • Happy Octopus Spray
  • Tearjerker Title
  • Ten Radianite Points
  • Champions Squad Player Card
  • One More Title
  • Ten Radianite Points
  • Octobuddy Gun Buddy

Exclusive Rewards: Twitch

Twitch viewers will also get exclusive VALORANT Champions 2023 items (“Drops” in Twitch terms) sent to their VALORANT account just by watching the tournament. Just link your Twitch account to your Riot account to get the rewards. The Twitch Drops will be held on the following dates with the reward and the condition(s) to get them:

Twitch 2

  • August 6 – 13, 2023 (Lowrider Title) – Watch a live game for at least 30 minutes.
  • August 16 – 25, 2023 (Gekko Diff Spray) – Watch a live game for at least 30 minutes within the specified date.
  • August 26, 2023 (Lowrider Player Card) – Watch the live game of the Finals for at least 30 minutes

Twitch Drops will be earned if you have satisfied the condition(s). A notification icon will pop-up on your Twitch dashboard, and upon clicking/tapping the notification, you will be redirected to the Drops page, where you will confirm/redeem the Drop. This final action sends the reward directly to your linked Riot account.

You can read a detailed guide on how to link your Twitch account to your Riot account here: How to Link Twitch Account to VALORANT

The VALORANT Champions 2023 Bundle looks awesome. Its purple accent and Los Angeles-themed accessories make this a unique bundle that players will enjoy. As part of the bundle, proceeds will go to the partnered teams, making players support their favorite team(s). The added exclusive items outside the bundle are also worth getting. This makes the VALORANT Champions 2023 an immersive experience for VALORANT fans and players alike.


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