Top Fighting Games to Play on Roblox


Anime Fighter Simulator

If you’re an anime lover, you’ll enjoy playing this game since it features major characters from popular anime series such as Naruto and Goku, as well as characters from action-packed games like Final Fantasy. You can use your favorite characters’ attacks, and there are plenty of combos to master. Winning battles earns you money to spend on clothing and appearance. The game is continuously updated with new heroes, combat locations, and customization options to keep things fresh.

BIG Paintball!

While it may seem like a typical paintball game, that’s what makes it so enjoyable. Paintballs will be flying in all directions, and there are various barriers to take cover behind.

Furthermore, you have tactical abilities that can give you an edge over your opponents, making it an excellent multiplayer game to play with your friends. Plus, there are many unique player skins that you won’t find in any other Roblox games.

Boss Fighting Simulator

This game might be a new entry, but we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this. As you progress through the levels and grow stronger, the bosses become increasingly more powerful. Take down these enemies, collect coins, enhance your weapons, and engage in PVP battles whenever you feel like it!

Boxing League

Boxing League is a thrilling open-world RPG game centered on boxing matches against other players. Starting out as a novice with simple gloves, you can upgrade your equipment by earning experience points through victories over other players. Furthermore, as you gain experience, you can acquire new skills. This game also offers extensive customization options, including the ability to personalize your character, clothing, and gloves.

Counter Blox

As a huge fan of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty, this game is a gem. Like many FPS games, the Counter Blox puts you in a team of five where you need to eliminate the other five opponents and reach the objective. You’re free to use your guns for a swift kill or take out your knives and be a melee menace.

Iron Man Simulator 2

As the name states, Marvel’s Iron Man is the inspiration behind this simulator. Despite being in its early stages of development, it already has a massive following! In Iron Man Simulator 2, you can fly around the city in some of the titular suits, complete with an AI system that can help you target and take down opponents. You can also engage in PVP battles with other players posing as Iron Man. The game developers have plans to add more suits and features in the future, taking the game to new heights as you strive to become the ultimate Iron Man.

Ninja Legends 2

Ninja Legends 2 is an action-packed combat game that requires quick reflexes, impressive acrobatics, and advanced techniques. As a ninja, your objective is to master the art of parkour and navigate through various realms. The game offers numerous customization options and is frequently updated with new content. Initially, you have limited access to features, but as you progress, you can unlock a variety of exciting abilities, such as new combos, enhanced weapons, and upgraded gear.

Noob Army Tycoon

In this tycoon game, you are in charge of your own Noob Army, and you can direct them to attack wherever you want. As you progress, you’ll earn money, which you can use to purchase better soldiers, gear, and weapons for your army. Unlike typical combat games, this game focuses more on strategy than on your personal weapon-handling skills.

Project Baki 2

This game offers players the opportunity to engage with others, customize their fighting style with a range of moves and combos, and engage in high-speed, action-packed combat. To succeed, you’ll need to stay focused on your opponents and react quickly to their attacks. When your health is low, you can unleash devastating special moves that can turn the tide of the battle. The controls are intuitive and easy to learn, making it a game that anyone can pick up and enjoy.

Project Mugetsu

Osiris Productions created this action role-playing game, which draws inspiration from the popular anime series Bleach. Players have the freedom to create and customize their characters, from their outfits to what race they are. The main objective is to level up your character and choose to join either the Reapers or the Hollows, who are in constant competition for leadership. You’ll then engage in battles with other players to prove your worth!

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