The 9 Rarest Skins in Mobile Legends


MLBB Rarest SkinsUpdated on May 13, 2024

Apart from the nail-biting gameplay and an awe-inspiring competitive scene that still thrives globally, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s skins are another reason why battles in the Land of Dawn are always new and exciting. Cosmetics breathe new life into your favourite heroes, from custom voice lines and new personas that flesh out their character to glammed-up skill animations that make them more fearsome on the battlefield.  

If you’re new to collecting skins, you’re in the right place because today, we list the rarest and most sought-after skins in MLBB. Stick around!    

MLBB Layla Blue Specter

Layla “Blue Specter”

The first one on this list is probably the rarest because it was only available in the Philippines during a limited-time event in 2017. Layla’s “Blue Specter” skin was the main attraction of the MLBB x Globe Telecom collaboration. Players needed to attend an offline event and register for a redeem code to acquire it. The Blue Specter skin reimagines the Energy Gunner in a cyberpunk-themed attire, complete with a cool robot helmet and a sick energy cannon. I’ve played MLBB for years and only seen this skin once in-game. It says a lot about its rarity. The only way to get this skin now is to have a time machine or know about the Quantum Realm.

King of Fighters Skins

King of Fighters players and MLBB players have a lot in common. One is that they’re no strangers to the grind for perfectly executed combos, and two is that they both have an insatiable hunger for battle. Lastly, they share a home in the Land of Dawn because of the MLBB x King of Fighters collabs!  

The King of Fighters skin line includes custom animations and effects that enrich the experience. Imagine a mashup between Valir’s magical combos and Kyo Kusanagi’s fiery moves! It’s truly a feast for the eyes of MLBB and KOF fans. The first batch of skins made a comeback during the second phase in 2021, but both batches weren’t available alongside the KOF ‘97 run this year, so no one knows when the next chance to get them will be.  

MLBB KOF Phase 1

1st Round Skins – Chou “Iori Yagami”, Guinevere “Athena Asamiya”, Karina “Leona”

Master martial artist Chou got even more powerful with Iori Yagami’s Yasanaki techniques. Guinevere now uses Athena Asamiya’s psychokinetic powers against her enemies, while Leona’s razor-sharp nails replace Karina’s dual blades.  

MLBB KOF Phase 2

2nd Round Skins – Dyrroth “Orochi Chris,” Gusion “K,” Aurora “Kula Diamond”

Aurora and KOF’s Kula Diamond exchange spells to bring more chilling, deadlier cryo magic to MLBB. Dyrroth rises from the depths of the Abyss to wield his newfound powers as Orochi Chris. Meanwhile, K enchants Gusion’s knives with pyrokinesis.

MLBB KOF Phase 3

3rd Round Skins – Valir “Kyo Kusanagi,” Masha “Mai Shiranui,” and Paquito “Terry Bogard”

Valir’s flashy combos get an upgrade with Kyo Kusanagi’s pyrotechnics, while Masha learns the art of Ninjutsu and follows Mai Shiranui’s ways. Terry Bogard’s ruthless flurries meet their match in Paquito’s combos, pushing any Paquito main to be more creative in their mix-ups.

MLBB Hilda Sacred Guard

Hilda “Sacred Guard” Skin

Unlike the other skins on this list, this next one is not from a limited-time event. What makes it rare is that you’ll need to have a deep well of patience and dedication to wear it worthily. Hilda’s “Sacred Guard” is a free skin reward for players who complete MLBB’s Mentorship Program.  

The Mentorship Program has five levels through which you can progress by completing various tasks with apprentices. To put things into perspective, level 5 requires 12,000 Mentor Points, while mentorship tasks only give 10-90 Mentor Points, depending on difficulty. You’ll need to take many apprentices under your wing to score this skin, but if you’re a true Hilda main, I’m sure it will be all worth it!  

MLBB Uranus Mech Protector

Uranus “Mech Protector” Skin

Warhammer 40k franchise fans will surely love this next skin for Uranus. The Uranus “Mech Protector” skin features him in formidable blue and gold armour, complete with wing decals that signify his allegiance to the Celestial Palace. With massive shoulder plates and two double-ended swords, no one will ever want to mess with this mecha monster tank!  

To get the skin, you’ll need to participate in the Conquest of Dawn event. It’s a recurring squad-vs-squad event that happens every seven days and is available to players in the Master rank and higher. The game mode rewards Conqueror Medals, and you’ll need 240 to unlock the skin—a difficult feat, if you ask me.  

MLBB Aldous King of Supremacy

Aldous “King of Supremacy” Skin

Having the Aldous “King of Supremacy” M Series skin is like having a piece of MLBB history in your game inventory. It was the final reward in the tournament pass for MLBB’s first-ever M World Championship, and its design lives up to the hype.  

This ultra-rare skin sees the Soul Contractor boasting a paladin’s armour of gold and white, complete with a striking breastplate and pauldron. He also has a gauntlet branded with the M1 logo, a red-orange scapular, and a helmet to complete the look. It’s hard to accept defeat when you’re looking this mighty!  

MLBB Lesley Angelic Agent

Lesley “Angelic Agent” Skin

Lesley’s galactic pirate-inspired skin has marksman users wishing the heavens to bring it back. Angelic Agent is the first Legend Skin featured in the limited-time Diamond Vault event in 2019, where players had to dig (1 dig = 100 diamonds) to stand a chance to win. Back then, it would cost around 9000 Diamonds to get this divine look for the Deadly Sniper. Now, that’s what we call rare beauty.  

MLBB Nana Wind Fairy

Nana “Wind Fairy” Skin

The Sweet Leonin’s MPL Exclusive Skin is highly sought-after by Nana mains. This Special skin makes Nana appear as an innocent baby fox, with new skill effects and color changes. The Wind Fairy looks majestic in this cosmetic, and it can only be obtained during the MPL Tournament and during limited-time skin encore events that happen once in a blue moon.

MLBB Rafaela Biomedic

Rafaela “Biomedic” Skin

Next on the list is this highly elusive, limited-time skin for Rafaela. The Biomedic is an official MPL Special skin introduced in 2018. This skin has become part of Rafaela users’ ultimate wishlist, and they’ve been praying hard for Moonton to bring it back. Luckily, they brought it back via the Anniversary Box event in 2021. Have you scored yours during this rerun?

MLBB Lapu Lapu Vulcan

Lapu-Lapu “Vulcan” Skin

If you prefer playing solo, you also had difficulty unlocking this skin when it debuted in 2023. The Lapu-Lapu “Vulcan” was the grand reward for the limited-time Friends Callback event, where players received more rewards by inviting inactive friends to play. The Vulcan skin required 20 Synergy Coins, which meant players had to invite at least 15 friends. That’s why it’s so rare: because MLBB players have no friends. Kidding! For Lapu-Lapu mains who are eyeing this awesome-looking skin, let’s all hope Moonton brings back this beast soon.  

These rare MLBB skins represent historic game events and things unique to its player base and embody the dedication and passion of players within the community. Every skin tells a story! From limited-time collaborations to challenging events, scoring these coveted skins meant having immense commitment, strategy, and a touch of luck. As the game evolves, the allure of these rare cosmetics persists, showcasing the enduring appeal of Mobile Legends and the creative endeavours that enrich its universe.

So, whether you’re aiming for legendary status or looking to expand your rare skin collection, always remember to top up your MLBB Diamonds only through Codashop! We offer quick and easy top-up methods so you can return to the Land of Dawn immediately.



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