The Spirit Blossom Festival Continues | Nightshade


Explore the darker side of the world of Spirit Blossom! Patch 1.7 brings with it two new Epic quests and more event-themed items in store, as well as a brand new Lab and new tri-region deckbuilding rules for Singleton Gauntlet.

What are the Nightshade items available?

Here’s a list of newly released personalised items you can purchase:

  • Nightshade Shrine Epic-tier board available for 1290 Coins
  • Dragonling Bundle (feat. Dragonling and Nightshade Dragonling) available for 975 Coins
  • 3 new card backs (Spirit of the Bloom, Spirit of Nature and Crossed Spirits) available in store

Spirit Blossom: Nightshade | Cosmetic Trailer – Legends of Runeterra

Akana are dangerous creatures born in the spirit realm, or lost souls trapped in prisons of their own memories. Freeing an Akana from its obsessions takes patience and luck, but the grateful spirit may reward its benefactor.

Posted by Legends of Runeterra Southeast Asia on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Get these exclusive Nightshade items now before they leave the store forever! Purchase your Coins on Codashop to enjoy these limited-time offers.

To read more about the patch, click here.

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