Summon your hunting skills with these Wild Rift Easter Eggs


Wild Rift Easter Eggs

When it comes to injecting secret extras into the game, Riot is all out in poking excitement and some good old fun. Attention eagle-eyed summoners! Let’s see if you’ve crossed out these Wild Rift Easter Eggs together with some other cool League trivia from your list.

*New to Wild Rift? Take note that you can only buy items from the Fountain, unlike other MOBA games where you can purchase them everywhere at any time. This makes Wild Rift completely unique.

*If you are a true-blue eagle eye, you would’ve noticed that all of Jinx’s ability names end with an exclamation mark. (Get Excited!, Switcheroo!, Zap!, Flame Chompers!, Super Mega Death Rocket!)


*Have you seen Jhin dance? If you’re patient to wait a few seconds in his 3D model screen, Jhin will randomly bust some fancy dance moves!


*Spider-Man Amumu? Did you know that the original icon for his Bandage Toss ability shows him in a pose referencing Spider-Man’s famous web-shooting?

*Leona ‘hates’ sunglasses. This sassy Easter Egg involves Leona’s passive skill Sunlight, which grants allies more damage. In contrast, enemies who wear sunglasses ‘stealthily’’ get -1 damage in Sunlight form. We see what you did there, Surfer Singed!

Image Credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

*If you take a look at the splash art of Miss Fortune’s Arcade skin, you’ll see an old Gangplank lurking behind.

Miss Fortune
Image Credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

*Did you notice that Rakan sports a raptor skull in his belt and Xayah’s feather on his chest?


*Surprise Meow! Don Alistar’s Moo Cow skin, do a recall, and see what happens!


*Ahri is regarded as the most visually appealing Champion in the League. Her visual appeal is statistically ranked 1st among men, and 2nd among women (second only to Jinx).

Image Credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

*Are you a big fan of the boy genius himself Jimmy Neutron? Did you know that he is in League of Legends? If you type in “Jimmy Neutron” in the shop search bar, the epic item Sheen will appear. This is an ode to Jimmy’s best bud named Sheen Estévez and it’s the lone connection between Runeterra and Retroville.

League of Legends

*As an adult Vastaya, did you know that Ahri is over a hundred years old? Doesn’t look like it though.

*Police ‘back-up’ or should we say ‘buff-up’! If you pick both Caitlyn and Vi into the game, the two champions receive a unique buff called On The Case where both of them get 1 more gold whenever they work together for a kill.


*Wild Rift joins the popular craze of having its own virtual band, comprised of none other than its notable Champions. K/DA is the League’s all-female band featuring Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, Akali, and Seraphine!

KDA Event

Image Icons
Image Credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

*Blitzcrank resembles Zog from the 2009 movie Astro Boy. Interesting to add is that Blitzcrank also has a dance reference to Macarena!


*When Draven is teleporting or recalling, he mimics the pose of Usain Bolt, regarded as the greatest sprinter of all time, by pointing to his target location.

*Did you know that Ezreal is somewhat ambidextrous?

*Bad news, boys. Fiora has turned down every suitor since she does not want to become a political pawn.


*Master Yi is the champion with the highest base movement speed in-game at 355.

*The original Miss Fortune resembles that of Elza from Final Fantasy XII.

*Seraphine has a condition called chromesthesia, which enables her to see colors and shapes in sounds.

Image Credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

*Small feat indeed. Teemo, being the smallest Champion in-game (100×100 units), has led to the creation of a measurement unit named after him (used to calculate ranges).

Image Credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

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