Ragnarok X: Next Generation Class and Leveling Guide for Beginners


Ragnarok X Next Generation Leveling Guide

Dear Adventurers, welcome to Ragnarok X: Next Generation! Time to explore the bigger Rune Midgard with your besties — from Prontera to Payon and other familiar places that you came to love in the classic Ragnarok Online. Newbies and veteran RO fans are in for an open-world adventure filled with surprises! Let’s brush up on the different classes and learn tips to level up your characters fast.

Available Classes in Ragnarok X: Next Generation

First, let’s do a quick intro to the classes. RoX currently features six unique classes, each with two sub-classes, mostly Archetypes featured in most RPG games.

  • Swordsman (Knight or Crusader)


The Swordsman is a DPS class, the typical damage dealer in most MMORPGs. They can use the strongest armors, making them ideal for absorbing heavy damage while leading the frontline defense. Swordsmen have strong physical attacks and are powerful in the early game. They can use a 2-handed or 1-handed sword (with shield). Their skills include Bash, Magnum Break, Endure, and Provoke.

The Swordsman can advance to Knight (can upgrade to a Lord Knight) to serve as an overall tank. Another is Crusader, who has higher defense and endurance.

Pick this class if you want to be a crucial party member for Endless Tower & Instance runs.

  • Acolyte (Priest or Monk)


The Acolytes are the support class in RoX. They specialize in helping their allies. Using Holy Light, this devoted and peace-loving class can also deal damage and show their dominance against Shadow and undead monsters. Their skills include Heal, Blessing, Holy Light, and Kyrie Eleison.

The Acolyte can advance into Priest and Monk to offer supportive roles such as healing and providing buffs to allies. Priests can level up to become High Priests equipped with supportive and offensive spells.

Acolytes are the most in-demand class in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

  • Mage (Wizard or Sage)


The Mage class in RoX specializes in magic attacks, using the elements to their advantage. As masters of arcane magic, this class’s main role is to deal with AoE damage from a range of destructive spells. Their skills include Fire Bolt, Frost Diver, Firewall, and Soul Strike. However, one drawback that mages have is that their spells can be canceled while casting.

The Mage can advance into the Wizard class and further level up to become High Wizard, while the Sage class is upgradeable to become a Professor.

  • Thief (Assassin or Rogue)


The Thief class is a single-target high DPS attacker who makes excellent use of lethal weapons to punish enemies. They are cunning and sneaky in battle and can deal massive damage to unsuspecting victims. They can also inflict DoT on enemies using Poison. Their skills include Brute Force, Ambush, Venom Knife, and Hiding.

The Thief can advance to Assassin and Rogue. These sub-classes are capable of dealing an insane amount of damage with bursts of powerful strikes.

  • Archer (Hunter or Dancer)


The Archer class utilizes ranged attacks and supporting traps to keep enemies at bay. Like Mages, they can deal damage from afar using long and short bows. They are also capable of AoE damage. Archers integrate Holy, Water, Fire, and Earth for their elemental arrows. Their skills include Double Strafe, Arrow Shower, Arrow Repel, and Ankle Snare.

The Archer can advance to Hunter or Dancer (Female Character) or Bard (Male Character). The Dancer possesses more supportive skills compared to the Hunter.

This class is one of the highest single target damage dealers in the game.

  • Merchant (Blacksmith or Alchemist)


The Merchant is known for being the only class to make money using Craft & Discount skills. They can open stalls to sell different goods. In battle, merchants can use axes and pushcarts to deal damage! They can also equip heavy armor for protection. Their skills include Midas Touch, Mammonite, Cart Revolution, and Crazy Uproar.

The Merchant can advance to Blacksmith, which you can level up to Master Smith while the Alchemist can progress to Bio Alchemist.

Note that each class begins at a novice level. Once you complete the basic requirements, you can finally choose your First Job Class (Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, etc.) Level up your class to reach Job Level 50 to unlock the Second Job Class (Knight, Priest, Wizard, etc.)

Essential Tips to Level up Faster in Ragnarok X

Essential Tips to Level up Faster in Ragnarok X

Perhaps one of the most common questions people ask about the game is, “How can I level up fast?”. When you play RoX, you’ll have to farm and grind to earn experience, strengthen your character as well as your equipment. 

To effectively level up in Ragnarok X, knowing the two types of experience obtainable in the game is essential. There’s the Base Experience, referring to your character level, and there’s Job Experience associated with your job class level. We recommend that you prioritize leveling up your Job Experience because it will enable you to unlock your Second Job Advancement Skills. This path will give you access to more powerful skills to defeat high-level monsters.

Character Stats

To help you level up fast, check out these tips:

  1. Complete the Main Quests. It’s the first thing you need to do when you start playing with your new character. The quests are pretty straightforward, but they give massive EXP upon completion. Grinding for just a few hours while doing the main quest will help you reach level 25 easily.
  2. Pick the best spot to farm monsters. You can refer to the monster list under the Recommended Training Points to find monsters that give high EXP. Just remember to maintain an in-between level-three difference when you farm monsters, so you don’t incur an EXP penalty. To get to level 50 fast, target monsters such as Poison Spore, Roda Frog, Caramel, and Martin.
    Odin's Blessings
  3. Utilize Odin’s Blessing to get enormous EXP gains. This feature helps you earn EXP from monsters faster. It multiplies the Base EXP, Job EXP, Drop Rate, and Zeny you earn when defeating enemies by 5. When it is active, and you get 20 EXP from a kill, you make 100 instead. By default, Odin’s Blessing is turned off. Click Odin’s icon at the top of the screen and activate it. Odin’s Blessing unlocks when you reach level 25.
  4. Do more CoC Missions. You can get loads of EXP rewards when you complete the Chamber of Commerce Mission. CoC Missions are daily chores where you will be tasked to buy certain products from locals and other cities. When you complete the task, you will get EXP and Gacha coins in return. Note that when you do CoC Missions at a  higher level, the higher EXP rewards you are bound to get.
  5. Complete Mission Board quests daily to get more EXP. All you have to do is access the Board quests menu and take on the available quests. You can take up to 10 quests daily via the Mission Boards found in every city. You also get Zeny and Odin’s Blessing as rewards.

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