PUBG Mobile best weapons that you should know about


PUBG Mobile Best Weapons

Getting the chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile requires skills – and a lot of firepower. The game features many weapons players can use, from basic pistols to high-powered shotguns and fan-favorite assault rifles. We’re giving you a rundown of the best weapons per category that you should know and use in this post.

Best Assault Rifles


First on our list for the best AR is the AKM. This gun comes with 7.62mm rounds and deals high base damage. Many players commonly use the AKM, which is readily available across the map. Use a scope and a good grip; it becomes a meaner, deadlier killing machine. A legend on its own, the AKM is best for short to mid-range gunfights.


The M416 fires 5.56mm rounds. It is considered one of the best all-rounder weapons in the game with its excellent range, decent mag size, and the most attachments (especially a stock) for any AR. Outstanding balance in terms of damage and limited recoil makes the M416 even more effective. Overall, we love its fully-automatic mode and high fire and spawn rates. 

Notable Mention: GROZA

Best Sniper Rifle


The AWM is the best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile – it’s not even a contest. This sniping monster may only be available via airdrops, but once you get hold of this beast, you can easily one-shot enemies to their demise. The AWM fires unique .300 magnum rounds and can easily be paired with an 8x scope to hunt distant foes. Its damage is so tremendous that even a level 3 helmet will not save you.

Best Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)


Another airdrop exclusive, the MK14 EBR, makes it to our list, given its massive damage output. Take it as a slightly better option for an SKS. Equipped with 7.62mm ammo, players who manage to get their hands on this mean machine can take advantage of its quick-firing capability and switch to fully automatic mode.

Mini 14

Never underestimate this gun’s name being a ‘mini.’ Versatility is the name of the game for the Mini 14; it’s built with multiple fire modes, has a high rate of fire, is ideal for close to mid-range combat, and can be used for long-distance shooting with an 8x scope. It may not be as lethal as other rifles, but its flexibility more than compensates.

Best Submachine Guns (SMGs)


Vector offers players reliability, the main reason for its inclusion in this list. This weapon gets the upper hand with its deadly rate of fire that allows you to spray bullets over your enemies at a close distance. It has low recoil and can be paired with a 2x scope for mid-range combat. You can unleash Vector’s full potential with multiple attachments by adding a decent grip and extended magazine.


King of the SMGs? The UMP45 makes a clear case for the title with its superior base damage and high rate of fire to give several ARs a run for their money. Players (both new and vets) can use the gun’s stable recoil to achieve more accurate shooting. Get a 4x scope to make it a devastating mid-range pick.

Best Shotguns


A shotgun that shoots up to four shells? Count us in! The S12k is arguably the best shotgun in the game. Its semi-automatic rate and bigger magazine size make it a killing machine. The S12k shotgun is highly customizable, with three attachment slots to add to its flexibility.


This double-barrelled shotgun packs a lethal punch that leaves no room for close-range survivors. Users will see bodies falling to the ground if they shoot accurately. Its dual-shot function (fire two bullets in close succession) also serves as an excellent measure to take down enemies.

Best Light Machine Gun (LMG)


Among the few weapons under this category, the MG3 is the best in class. It offers two firing modes and is fast to use. It may be a heavy weapon, but it can get the job done. The attached bipod help to make this weapon more stable.

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