PUBG Mobile Advanced Survival Tips


PUBG Mobile Advanced Survival Tips

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is a battle royale (BR) shooter that is set on a post-apocalyptic theme and location. Players are expected to survive the storm, while also finding out ways to outsmart other players in the game. In this guide, we will focus on getting the most out of your PUBG Mobile experience through this advanced survival guide. As always with me, this is non-authoritative but merely suggests ways you can survive the battlegrounds. All of these were learned during my games, climbing up the ranks and testing out new techniques in Unranked. If you want a refresher course, this article has some useful tips.

Advanced Survival Guide

PUBGM Nusa overview

For this section, I will focus on more specific tips to level up your PUBG Mobile gameplay. Taking in mind, of course, that you have mastered your fundamentals and optimized your core gameplay.

  1. Land on the part of the map with the least players around. I can not stress this enough. Landing on the least populated part of the map can give you more time to loot better items while having the least engagement with other players. In small maps like Nusa, Livik, and Karakin, it’s wise to land near the northern edges of the map.

Normally, one would land on a “hotspot” or areas where there is likely instant loot and combat engagement, which is a perfectly valid strategy. However, players climbing up ranks should note that choosing where to land also means a high survival rate. Hint: Early engagements often lead to a lower-place finish in a match. The more players eliminate each other while you’re still looting, the better it is for you. Going for at least the Top 10 will add points to your rank rating.

  1. Use and choose vehicles wisely. Vehicles are used to traverse the map, especially when the storm is approaching. Knowing which vehicles to choose from and the number of available ones on every map will be to your advantage—going off-road? Choose a car that is optimized for it, like a pick-up. City cars like the Dacia are great for paved flatlands. You get the idea.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Yes, this is a beginner’s tip. However, even the greatest players of any game will forget their fundamentals. To connect this with our beginner’s guide, always look at the minimap and the visual indicators on the screen to know where enemies are. Listen to footsteps. Run for cover if you plan to be defensive, or flank them if you want to attack. These three things are essential in PUBG Mobile.
  3. Make plans beforehand. Any serious player who wants to climb up the ranked ladder will do the following actions: review maps, practice new load-outs, watch professional players, and strategize according to map size. Since matchups do not matter much in BR games, unlike fighting games or hero shooters, strategizing is key to victory.
  4. Form a squad with people you know. While PUBG Mobile can be played solo, the fun of executing strategies is greater when you’re teamed up. One of the reasons I included this is the fact that professional players play in a squad. Players who want to go that route should be able to hone their skills within a team environment, aside from sharpening individual skills. The other perk of being in a squad: it’s fun to play with people you know.
  5. Close the door! One of the details often overlooked by all players is the role of doors in a Battle Royale game. Doors indicate one important aspect: whether or not the building is already looted. To play a little mind game, you can loot buildings and close the door after so you can ambush enemies as you hide within the building.
  6. Use advanced movement techniques. Some movements require advanced timings, like the Squat Jump (a crouch-jump executed in small, tight spaces such as windows) that increase mobility. There’s also the tried-and-tested jiggle movement while peeking and shooting. But, to begin, master moving in open spaces in a zig-zag pattern, then gradually moving to a jiggle pattern, then incorporating crouching to silence footsteps.
  7. Anticipate enemy location during encounters. This is pretty straightforward, but it requires map awareness. You can flank opponents by knowing where they were last “seen” on the minimap and the corresponding visual indicator(s). This is another thing advanced players tend to overlook. Remember: the game’s interface is part of the whole survival experience.


Survival is essential in battle royale games. To survive, players must place their priorities in order. The first of which is to get to the Top 10. This guide may help you go that path. We wish you all the success in your PUBG Mobile matches. 

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