Cracking Down on Cheaters: Exploring the Impact of PUBG #BanPan


Cheating in any game has always been a huge problem that many game developers and communities face. As long as people are playing games, there will always be those who try to gain an unfair advantage. In the case of PUBG Mobile, the issue of cheating and hacking became too much at one point that it threatened the game’s integrity and the overall gaming experience for players. Hackers and cheaters were using various methods, such as aimbots, wall hacks, and speed hacks, to get ahead and win the game. This not only ruined the experience for honest players but also discouraged them from playing the game altogether.

To deal with this issue, PUBG Mobile developers decided to tackle the cheaters and hackers head-on with the introduction of their Ban Pan security system. Ever since its launch, the Ban Pan system has been a game-changer for PUBG Mobile. It has successfully identified and banned thousands of cheaters and hackers, making the game fair and enjoyable for everyone. While these malicious players may try to find new ways to cheat, the Ban Pan system is continually updated to detect and ban them, making quite a significant impact on the game. Let’s explore the various ways in which the Ban Pan system has impacted PUBG Mobile after almost four years of implementation.

Understanding the Problem of Cheating in the Gaming Industry

Cheating has always been a significant issue in the gaming world, leading to unfair advantages and ruining the gaming experience for honest players. It’s essentially an industry-wide problem that would require a comprehensive solution to tackle, which involves help from both game developers and communities.

Anti-Cheat programs have been developed to address the issue, but they often fall short as cheaters continue to find new ways to exploit the system. From X-ray vision to aim botting, cheating has become more advanced and difficult to detect. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a robust security system in place and help developers stay one step ahead of cheaters. PUBG Mobile’s Ban Pan system is an excellent example of how game developers can combat cheating in their games. While it’s far from the industry-wide change that many players are hoping for, it’s still a step in the right direction towards creating a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

The Rise of PUBG Mobile’s Ban Pan System

PUBG Mobile’s Ban Pan system was introduced in late 2019 as a way to combat cheating in the game. The system uses an algorithm to analyse player behaviour and detect cheating. Once a player is identified as a cheater, they are banned from the game for a couple of days up to ten years, depending on the severity of their violation. The system has been successful in identifying and banning cheaters, with over 1.6 million accounts banned in just five days of implementation. Some of the features of the Ban Pan system since its launch include:

Fog of War

The Fog of War is an advanced system that calculates and intelligently determines what each player is supposed to see based on their surroundings. This effectively dispels wall hacks or x-ray vision cheats.

Verified Investigator and Reviewer Pool

As mentioned above, PUBG Mobile allows players to take part in the Anti-Cheat efforts as investigators. As of 2023, there are now more than three million verified investigators worldwide, expanding the pool of people who can help identify and report suspicious behaviour. There are also more reviewers in the PUBG Mobile team that work in conjunction with these investigators, ensuring that the review process is efficient and thorough.

Banned Cheats PUBG
Image courtesy of PUBG Mobile Philippine’s offical Facebook page

Fast forward to 2023, and the Ban Pan hammer is still going strong. In fact, PUBG Mobile is now considered to have one of the most advanced anti-cheat systems in the gaming industry. The Ban Pan system has been continuously updated and improved over the years, making it even more effective in detecting and banning cheaters. 

How Effective is the Ban Pan System?

The Ban Pan system has proven to be incredibly effective in detecting and banning cheaters in PUBG Mobile. Since its implementation, the Ban Pan system has banned millions of players and devices for cheating, and the number continues to grow every day. The system’s ability to identify and ban cheaters quickly has helped ensure a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for honest players. It has even gone beyond just banning players in-game and has even expanded on removing online content from social media websites that contribute to cheating and hacking. 

Devices Banned PUBG
Image courtesy of PUBG Mobile Philippine’s offical Facebook page

According to the latest Anti-Cheating report published by Krafton, they’ve banned more than 20,000 devices and almost 300,000 accounts during the week of April 28 up to May 4, 2023. This is a testament to the Ban Pan system’s effectiveness in keeping PUBG Mobile fair and enjoyable for all players. The continuous updates and improvements to the system have also helped ensure that it stays ahead of new and evolving cheating methods.

Cheating Content PUBG
Image courtesy of PUBG Mobile Philippine’s offical Facebook page

The Ban Pan system has also been praised for its transparency, with PUBG Mobile regularly sharing updates on the number of cheaters banned and the actions taken against them. This transparency helps build trust with the player community and encourages more players to report suspicious behaviour.

What the Gaming Community is Saying

The gaming community has largely applauded the Ban Pan system for its effectiveness in keeping PUBG Mobile fair and enjoyable for all players. Many players had shared their experiences of encountering cheaters before the system was implemented and how it has drastically improved their gameplay experience since then.

Some players have also expressed their appreciation for the transparency of the Ban Pan system, as it helps build trust and confidence in the game’s anti-cheating measures. Others have even suggested that other games should adopt similar systems to combat cheating and hacking.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Ban Pan system has received positive feedback from the gaming community and has become a key component in ensuring a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for all PUBG Mobile players. While there will always be new ways for cheaters to try and bypass the system, the developers have shown their commitment to continuously improving and updating the system to stay ahead of these attempts. By prioritising fair play and cracking down on cheating, PUBG Mobile has fostered a community of dedicated and passionate players who can enjoy the game without fear of encountering unfair advantages.


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