New Game Alert! Marvel Duel Arrives In Southeast Asia


Marvel Duels

Calling all superhero junkies! Marvel unveiled its newest collectible card game for mobile called Marvel Duel. Build your deck with genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist Iron Man, Asgardian goddess of death Hela, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and many more.

And if you’re in Southeast Asia right now, consider yourself the chosen one! The game is available in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Hero Lineup

Marvel Duel brings together an elite roster of over 150 heroes and villains across different Marvel franchises in a fight for card supremacy. Players can get their hands on multiple versions of the same character to do their bidding. Begin your quest with these free deck characters:

  1. Spider-Man: Can call on the aid of Spider-Verse roster like Miles Morales, when dying
  2. Iron Man: Has upgradeable suits available in the shop to help topple enemies.
  3. Thor: God of Thunder, his deck specializes on defense to push for victory.
  4. Hela: Can beef up your deck’s remaining character to make him more formidable.
  5. Captain Marvel: Get intergalactic edge with a Power boost when you deal skill damage.
  6. Star-Lord: Call on the GOTG cavalry to strengthen the deck and deal brutal damage.
  7. Electra: Completing quests enables her to build a stronger Marvel Knights frontline.

Game Features

Players can choose from three gaming modes: Duel, Training and Adventure. The game involves 6 players taking turns to try and vanquish opponents, employing random attack as its combat system. Players can customize and build the strongest deck with powerful hero combinations. Yes, you can go for a Spidey and Green Goblin combo if you want and other free deck formations too!

Experience stunning in-game visuals and top-notch sound effects in this new CCG. Watch your favorite characters display their might, magic and ultimate powers in astonishing 3D combat fashion. You can also complete your Marvel collection by unlocking uber cool hero skins and card backs as you progress.

Re-live iconic Marvel storylines

The game integrates a Player vs. Environment (PVE) mode where players can experience some of the most iconic storylines in the Marvel Universe. How does the Infinity Saga or Civil War backdrop sound to you? Conquer these epic battles alongside Battlefield Companions like Cosmo, Throg and Chewie.

Marvel Duel is available via the Apple Store and Google Play. Make sure you have more than 1GB of space for iOS and Android devices to download.

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