Complete Beginner’s Guide for MLBB: Become the Best Player


MLBB Beginners Guide

What is MLBB, and How to Play It?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games available for mobile. MLBB features two teams composed of five players competing against each other on a map with three lanes and jungle areas in between. Whoever destroys the lane turrets of their opponent going to their base tower wins. In MLBB, the system flashes the next item you have to buy to complete your build, making your hero attacks more powerful and defense more formidable.

You can select different heroes with different roles and skill sets in MLBB. Using your hero and balancing the roles within the team is essential as it could make or break your win.

Complete Guide for MLBB Gameplay 


There are three lanes in MLBB: Top Lane, Middle Lane (or Mid Lane), and Bottom Lane (or Bot Lane). Each lane comes with three turrets each and which minions traverse. Your goal is to clear the minion waves and take down all the turrets, then make your way to destroy the enemy base to win the game.

MLBB Lanes

There is also the EXP Lane and Gold Lane. These lanes are helpful for specific heroes, although they are also beneficial for others. Marksman heroes benefit the most from Gold Lane to help them buy items fast. Earning a 50% more gold bonus during the early game is a must. EXP Lane is highly beneficial for fighters to reach level 4 more quickly than heroes.  


Minions are AI-controlled units available for each team. They walk the lanes and spawn from time to time from each base to attack enemies along their path, including heroes, units, and turrets. There are different minions in the game: Infantry, Lancer, and Cannon. There’s also the Siege Minion that rides a vehicle with a crossbow and carries gold.

MLBB MinionsAs the game gets longer, minions grow stronger and harder to kill. Enhanced minions are larger, powerful, and can take more attacks than normal ones. Enhanced minions don’t appear like characters with wands based on their looks. 

Players should not underestimate minions as they also have the potential to cause damage to a hero, especially during the late game when they have grown stronger and tougher. Players whose heroes are at the brim of their life even get killed from minion attacks.

The Buffs and The Creeps

Buffs and Creeps are found in the jungle area. Heroes utilize Buffs to strengthen themselves by gaining more EXP from killing a Creep. Players also earn more gold from them. Buffs also provide other benefits aside from gold and EXP. The Red buff gives extra true damage while slowing enemies, while the Blue buff grants you mana cost reduction and cooldown.

MLBB Creeps

Turtle and Lord

Turtle and Lord are considered Legend Creeps that are more difficult to kill. The Turtle shows up two minutes after the game starts and leaves after seven minutes of game time. Whoever kills the Turtle will be granted a shield that gives bonus Physical Attack and Magic Power, while the ​allies get Gold Bonus and shield for one time.

MLBB Turtle

Lord, when killed, becomes your team ally. It’s the most powerful creep in the game, capable of destroying turrets and damaging enemies along its way when provoked. The Lord appears eight minutes after the game has started. At the 12th minute, Lord becomes enhanced, and at the 18th-minute mark, it becomes evolved.



When a team is falling behind in gold, they prioritize farming. Without farming, the team would lag with their item builds and EXP, making them easier to kill by stronger opponents with just a few hits.

Earning Gold

Aside from destroying enemy turrets, killing opponents, and farming, earning gold is one of the most essential and crucial parts of playing the game. Earning more gold means building your items faster, making your hero more potent, and opposing the items of your opponents. Destroying turrets also lets you earn more gold.

MLBB Earning Gold

Equipment Builds

Equipment builds are a vital component of the game and are not just mere accessories. Monitoring your opponent’s builds during the game will allow you to counter theirs. In addition, there are three types of damage in MLBB: Magic, Physical, and True Damage, and each has a counter of its own. 

Building your equipment does not only mean owning the best ones you think. You need to learn how each piece of equipment works with the other. You then build a set of equipment from that combination to make your hero your hero stronger and more effective!

MLBB Item Build

Emblems and Talents 

Emblems help your heroes by providing a boost in their attributes. Players can customize each Emblem to assign their hero before the game begins. There are nine emblems in MLBB, upgradeable up to level 60. Each Emblem also has a Talent branch that can be unlocked once an emblem reaches level 15. Players will be able to acquire seven talent points once their emblem reaches level 45.

MLBB Emblems

Battle Spells

Battle Spells serve as additional abilities that help players during the game. They can be equipped before a match but cannot be changed once the game has begun. Several Battle Spells are yet to be unlocked for new players and can be obtained as they level up.

Flicker is one of the essential battle spells that many players use. It allows the hero to escape when their HP is critical and can also be used to chase enemies.

MLBB Battle Spells

Heroes and Roles

There are different types of heroes in MLBB, and learning their roles is a must to help your team win. Knowing how each role differs helps to create a balanced lineup. 

  • Marksman is the most popular hero role, especially for beginners. They are known as the free hitters as they have high DPS, strong push, and good scaling. However, they are weak during the early game, lack CC, and are squishy. Playing the Marksman on the Gold lane is recommended.

MLBB Marksman

  • Tanks, most of the time, complement the marksman. The tank can absorb a lot of damage and has high CC abilities. Tanks don’t have enough damage against opponents and do not have enough pushing power like a marksman.


  • Mages have magic abilities and require mana. They have high burst damage and are strong in the early to mid-game, but most of the time fall off during the late game. They have weak objective controls, may have difficulty killing tanks, and are squishy.


  • Assassins have massive burst damage to paralyze enemies and are very mobile from their role itself. Like mages, they lack CC and struggle against it, may have trouble killing tanks, and are squishy.

MLBB Assassin

  • Fighters are the most versatile class that can fill in other roles during the game. They are strong and deliver severe damage against opponents. Their only downside is that they struggle against slippery targets and kiting.

MLBB Fighter

  • Lastly, Support is one of the essential roles in the game; having good support frequently credits the win. They have superior utility, buffs, and debuffs. But given their role, they have low damage output and can also be squishy.

MLBB Support

Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Game

Understanding the game involves knowing how gameplay can be unpredictable, especially when you have been playing for too long. You may think that you are winning, but you suddenly see your team losing as the game progresses. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your MLBB gaming.

Memorize the map. Knowing where the blindspots, especially the parts where heroes can hide to ambush you surprisingly, is vital to avoid losing. The more you get killed, the more EXP your enemies will gain.


Practice on Classic mode. Playing a ranked game may not suit your game statistics, especially if you incurred a losing streak. Classic mode is similar to ranked mode; only you don’t lose stars when you lose. Practicing your skills and heroes in a Classic game will help improve your skill combo and better understand the game.

MLBB Classic

Learn different skill combos. Each hero is played with a specific skill combo during attacks. Utilizing your hero’s true damage can lessen cooldowns when the correct pattern of combo skill is played. 

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