Mobile Legends Chou VS Paquito: Who will survive?


MLBB Versus: Two heroes, two similar fight styles. Who wins a real-life clash?

Paquito brawling against Chou. An intense fistfight between Badang and Masha. Benedetta and Natalia engaging in a stealthy skirmish. A handsome swordfight between Gusion and Lancelot. Who do you think has the edge if they go head-to-head using sheer skills in a real-life scenario? We give our take on this versus edition to see who takes home the W.

Chou vs. Paquito

Chou vs. Paquito

Kung-Fu Boy versus The Heavenly Fist. If you pit these two fighters in a streetfight, it’ll be a major punch fest. Chou is touted as one of the strongest fighters in the game. He has great mobility and he uses this to execute a combination of lethal Kung-Fu moves. He packs a brutal combination with his punches and roundhouse kicks. Training under a mysterious monk, he also has great healing to help him survive attacks.

On the other hand, Paquito is a straight-up boxer who can inflict massive damage. He will trade a fist for a fist which indicates that he has tremendous durability to absorb heavy blows. He has a barrage of boxing moves like jabs, power punches, and elbow strikes that can easily overwhelm an opponent upfront. He can dash to lunge and surprise attack the enemy and knock him to the ground.

This is a close fight! But we think Chou will get the win because of his speed and versatility. While Paquito packs the power with his every punch, landing them against an agile warrior like Chou will be the deciding factor. Chou’s opponents often could not figure out his versatile moves. If Paquito can remain pinpoint-sharp in anticipating Chou’s next move, he might stand a chance when the final bell rings.

Final Score (Out of 5): Chou 3 | Paquito 2

Badang vs. Masha

If you throw them both into the ring, this battle of the sexes is but fair and square. Both fighters boast mighty fists that they use to dominate fights. Badang’s’ mighty fists are a force to reckon with, as he can hold together all his strength in both hands to deliver powerful blows once he lands them. His brute force alone can knock opponents down one by one. As a hefty bruiser, Badang is an intimidating tower of power but can be escapable if you play it clever.

Meanwhile, the female berserker in Masha is not to be taken lightly. She is endowed with ancient strength and wild power. They both enhance her strength and movement speed to deal relentless assault. She also does not tire easily. Once she gets her bearings right, she is unstoppable with her precision attacks. A lethal combination if you ask us!

This battle is pretty hard to judge. But we feel like Masha gets the edge with her strength and speed being double trouble for our noble warrior Badang. Their fistfight will go the distance but since Masha has the extra HP, she may well be able to escape Badang’s onslaught. Barely, that is.

Final Score (Out of 5): Masha 3 | Badang 2

Benedetta vs. Natalia

Say we put these two cunning assassins in a dark alley for a deathmatch, it will surely be a rumble of wits and savage slashing! These females are heavily equipped with killer skills to carry their assassination plots. Benedetta, the Shadow Ranger, has her motivation deeply rooted in a noble cause, so expect that to fire her up and give everything she’s got. As a master swordsman, her slashing skills are all sharpened out. She is very dangerous in the shadows, using it to her advantage to carry lethal, surprise attacks. Moreover, she defends very well and can retaliate accurately with her own counter-attacks.

Concealment is the name of the game for Natalia. She can create more damage by attacking her enemies from behind. Her mastery of using smoke bombs to confuse enemies is a game-changer, as it can hamper their vision and disorient them. Natalia also makes full use of her deadly dash to deliver killer blows with her claw.

Given the constraints of space (fighting in an alley), Benedetta takes this one right off the bat. Her straightforward slice and dice approach can overwhelm Natalia, which for her part might find it difficult to maneuver her concealment tactic within a limited area. A rematch in a bigger, open ground though, is a different story.

Final Score (Out of 5): Benedetta 4 | Natalia 1

Gusion vs. Lancelot

Gusion vs. Lancelot

Last but not least is the handsome beatdown between Gusion and Lancelot. Let’s put the battle inside the standard school gym. Why? If there is ‘dodge ball’, then we have a version called ‘dodge blade’. It’s an ultimate clash of agility, speed, and of course, battle stance! The winner will be the one who can dodge more blade pokes and slashes. Gusion is not just about blade tricks and elegant fight poses. As the perfect combination of might and magic, Gusion is pretty lethal with his Holy Blade. He can dash and immediately thrust a blade straight to an opponent with great accuracy. He is so good at it that you can’t afford to blink or else it’s goodbye.

Meanwhile, Lancelot is our resident pretty face with a ruthless matador killer instinct. This assassin has very high agility and can evade more complex attacks with ease. Catching him with straight blows will be a big challenge. His charge attacks can puncture an enemy to death, as it is direct and full of impact. He also has a stunning sword technique to deceive and damage his foes.

Basing on their agility and weapon handling skills, we score this fight a draw. Gusion may have the advantage using his multiple daggers but Lancelot’s superior agility can dodge such attack. Gusion’s dash assault has a range limit, and so does Lancelot’s charge onslaught. They can opt to fight long distances while at the gym, but we all know that’s just lame.

Final Score (Out of 5): Tie (2.5 each)

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