MLBB New Hero: Paquito Finally Arrives!



About MLBB New Hero: Paquito 

“A punch for a punch”. Paquito is a hero based on Filipino Boxer Manny Pacquiao and it has already been added to the original servers of MLBB.

Origin Story 

Paquito’s loyalty and friendship for his old master clashed with the justice and morality he had always held so dear. He made his decision. The student and the master began a battle of the ages. Paquito stood firm, and took the first of his master’s crushing strikes—repayment for the teaching he’d received. Then, they began trading blows; a collision of two colossal forces. The master’s technique had only grown stronger in the years that’d passed, with dominating advances battering Paquito until he was on the very brink of death. Strength began to leave his body, and Paquito thought back to those he’d strived to save from oppression; their baleful gazes, how they wished for nothing more than peace. It was then that he had his epiphany—the true essence of fighting was not about attacking nor destroying, but instead, defending hope wherever it may be.

Paquito forced the Domineer into defeat, and the master stared up at his former student, filled with regret. His forces of evil were subdued, and peace flourished in the land.

It was then that Paquito shouldered his pack and prepared to hit the road once more, telling his master: this world of ours is bigger than we know, with mighty opponents that await our arrival, not to mention the powers of evil…

He’d rely on his two fists. With them, he’d fight for the hopes and dreams of all who needed him.

Check out the awesome Paquito Cinematic Trailer by Mobile Legends Bang Bang below (pssst there is a special appearance from the Champion himself);

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