MLBB Codacash Challenge: Receive FREE RM4 worth of Diamonds!


RM4 worth of Diamonds when you pay with Codacash!

From 13 – 31 May 2023, complete the challenge by spending an accumulative amount of RM70 (MLBB Diamonds) with Codacash on Codashop. Once completed, you can redeem your Codacash gift code automatically ?

Start the MLBB Starlight Challenge

  1. Log in to your Codashop account
  2. Click “Challenges”
  3. Click available challenges and click “Start Challenge” 


Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility: Open to all Codashop users nationwide.
  2. Promotion Period: May 13 to May 31, 2023.
  3. A user must have a Codashop account and have their Codacash activated in order to join the challenge.
  4. How to join:
    1. For non-Codacash users: Create a Codashop account, activate and top up Codacash, then use it to purchase Diamonds on Codashop. Enter a valid email address after every purchase.
    2. For existing Codacash users: Top up Codacash then use it to purchase MLBB Diamonds on Codashop. Enter a valid email address after every purchase.
  5. Users will receive a free Codacash Gift Code when they spend an accumulative amount of RM70 with Codacash during the period of the challenge.
  6. The free Codacash Gift Code will be automatically sent to the user’s Codashop account upon finishing the challenge.
  7. Promotion Rewards:
Top up accumulated amount To receive
RM70 FREE Codacash gift code RM4
  1. A Codashop account can accomplish the challenge and receive the free Codacash Gift Code ONLY ONCE.
  2. Users may check their progress in the challenge in the “Challenges” section on Codashop.
  3. Codashop reserves the right to stop crediting rewards for purchases proven wrong or fraudulent and promo abuse.
  4. The Codacash gift code is limited. The challenge will stop immediately once the codes have been fully redeemed.



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