MLBB Faramis Guide 2022: Best build and tips to win


The fearless gifted physician, Faramis, is back with a vengeance in Mobile Legends after undergoing a much-deserved hero revamp. Faramis was tagged as the underwhelming hero with measly stats on his win rate and popularity ranking. Besides the fact that he was left unbuffed during the past seasons, the Soul Binder also did not receive a new skin for three consecutive years since being introduced. These factors somehow contributed to players not choosing him during ranked games. 

When Project Next – Rise Necrokeep was announced, Faramis mains finally fulfilled their long-time wish! Brought by the recent updates and corresponding buffs, Faramis ascended to the top of popularity ratings and is deemed one of the best rank support heroes in the current meta. Here is a complete guide to help you play a formidable Faramis in battle.

How to win in MLBB using Faramis

MLBB Faramis Basic Skin

Faramis Skills/ Abilities

Vicious Retrieval
Faramis’ passive skill enables him to leave soul fragments of the opponents where they were killed. Once Faramis absorbs this soul fragment, he gets to restore his HP and reduce respawn by 2 seconds. A maximum of 40 stacks enables him to restore his HP by 100.
Shadow Stampede
Faramis gets an additional defense attribute when his Shadow Stampede is activated and inflicts Magic Damage, leaving a Nether Mark to an enemy hit. Enemies with a Nether Mark will be pulled close to Faramis, allowing him to go for an ambush once the Shadow Stampede is activated.
Ghost Bursters
Faramis gathers Nether energy in a fan-shaped area ahead, dealing 330 – 480 Magic Damage to enemies. The energy will then split and bounce to nearby enemies, dealing 200 – 300 Magic Damage. Ghost Bursters’ split effect can be an effective crowd control as it is triggered when two or more enemies are nearby, dealing significant damage.
Cult Altar
  Faramis’ Cult Altar is like cheating death as it transforms the surrounding area during a clash into the Nether Realm, restoring HP and extra movement speed to teammates equal to his Magic Power. When the extra HP is depleted, the hero will enter a brief Resurrection state, becoming unable to move or attack but immune to damage.  

Faramis Skill Style



Roaming Lane

Skill Effects

Best Lane for Faramis

MLBB Faramis Lane

Faramis is recommended to Roam to support the team quickly, protect the core, and initiate teamfights.

Faramis skill combo and upgrade order

Prioritize unlocking Skill 2 first (Ghost Bursters) as it has a dual purpose: to stack his passive skill – Vicious Retrieval and to enhance his main source of power. Next, Unlock Skill 1 (Shadow Stampede) and upgrade accordingly; this way Skill 1 complements Skill 2 while maintaining a stack of HP and passive skill. Lastly, unlock Faramis’ Ultimate (Cult Altar) whenever available.

Best Battle Spell for Faramis

Use Flameshot to knock-back close enemies and to finish off those with critical HP. You may also use Execute to deliver the killing blow to enemies, but with a shorter range. 

Best Emblem Set for Faramis

Equip a Custom Mage Emblem to provide Faramis faster movement speed, magic penetration, and enhanced laning support. Allot talent points for:

  • Agility for faster movement speed
  • Observation for extra Magic Penetration
  • Magic Worship to inflict Magic Burn

Best item Build for Faramis

Balance your Faramis Build with Magic Attack items, durability, lifesteal, and a defense item.

Faramis Item Build

  • Arcane Boots: +40 Movement Speed, +10 Magic Penetration
  • Clock of Destiny: +60 Magic Power, +615 HP, +600 Mana
  • Lightning Truncheon: +75 Magic Power, +300 Mana, + 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Glowing Wand: +75 Magic Power, +400 HP, +5 Movement Speed
  • Holy Crystal: +100 Magic Power
  • Genius Wand: +75 Magic Power, +5 Movement Speed

Heroes that can counter Faramis

Having a hard time dealing with Faramis? These heroes can be most effective against him.

  • Baxia
  • Chou
  • Valir

Does Faramis deserve a new skin?

MLBB Faramis Profile

Back when Faramis and Vale only had a basic skin each, the Soul Binder Faramis had already passed his fellow MLBB veteran in terms of having no new skin for the longest time. Die-hard fans of Faramis have been waiting for when he will get the spotlight for a new look, given his tremendous support/mage reliability in-game. Faramis ly a good pick for competitive rank games, and his redemption tour will not be complete without a creative and well-deserved new skin to highlight his dominance.

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